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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

It was Riah, and it looks like Kess and company have their marching orders.  Will they find the elusive Kilani?  Stay tuned…

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Next page is already written and being sketched, so it’s back to work for me.  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your support!



oh who. I was totally wrong about it not being a tiger. But still I’m intrigued about the coming Hand to horn action coming Sheie’s way. I just hope, Sheie doesn’t try a headbutt

R.I.P Kighan….well, since this is technically a work of FICTION, we can bring back any character killed off in the form of fanart and fan fiction.

no matter what, she will always be a part of the staff. I mean the first “dead” dragon is a P.A. now

well shit. R.I.P. kighan, even though you where a dritch sometimes, you where a good character and friend to cinder. god knows how bad she’s gonna feel when she see’s, just as bad when kess and the others find ennek and she tells them about kenzi. damn, this sucks. *sigh* casualties of war i suppose. i honestly just hope that kilani comes up soon, so that she can come in contact with the queen, not to be killed, but to get this situation resolved and have this war end.

and no, this is not some comment hoping for the end of this comic. as fans we all know well that war or no war, razorfox will continue to write this comic to the very best of his ability.

Well, at the end of the day, Kighan was just too overconfident in herself and really underestimated her adversaries. May she find peace in the next life.

But I am curious to see what happens next. If Kess and the other tigers were smart, they would stage an ambush. Then again, that might not work since the earth dragons are there and can detect them.

Totes called it! If Shie and Chiara ever cross paths again, it’ll be one helluva fight to the death, and all because of a cycle of revenge. Nevermind that Shie regrets killing Azure.

You know, I wonder if Kilani will come across Kenzi and Saph. She’s been rather slow, and all she has to go by is the general direction where she heard Cinder and Red’s conversation. I wonder if, in her grief and guilt, Ennek will try to blame Kilani for Kenzi’s death. I hope Saph’s calmed down enough to really take stock of what she’s done. If not, it’d be best to knock her out or something.

Anyway, can’t wait for the next page as always, man! X3 This comic is awesome, and I love seeing over and over again how the two races are evenly matched!

These 2 species just love not getting any closer to peace, don’t they. But I still want more ‘Blue Ram’ and Riah interactions, in that I want interactions. Forward Kilani, gotta move either into the fire or into the frying pan.

hey does anyone know why they hate each other so much anyway i mean other that the whole byakko vs seiryu thing???

I suspect it was a manufactured incident which has been blown all out of proportion and misrepresented to both tigers and dragons by another species with vested interests in keeping those two species at war.

Since that incident was generations ago, it is likely forgotten and the anger/hatred is all that remains.

I wonder if the foxes also arranged for the reproductive problems the tigers and dragons are having. I doubt the tigresses’ trouble were engineered by the foxes, but I do see their touch in the dragonesses’ troubles.

After all, it appears the tiger males are just beasts, but the dragonic males are intelligent. I’m wondering how the foxes convinced the dragon males to leave.

Friendship shines thru here.

Kess is all irritated and angry that ‘her kill’ was ‘stolen’ until she was told of Shie’s injury. Then, she was completely worried about Shie… nothing else mattered.

That is a mark of true friendship.

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