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Oh, no. Is she dead or just faking? Or just passed out from lack of oxygen? Will we loose another dragon and even less chance of ending this conflict in a peaceful way? Find out next time on “Dragons and tigers in a forest, trying to kill each other”!!!!!

Same Draconia time, same Draconia channel! ^o^

are you sure its the same draconia time? because some times it takes 2 weeks, other times it only takes one. so im starting to get lost here.

Pages come out as they get done, and some just take longer to do than others. The average is about every ten days, or about three times a month. It’s all the more reason to follow me, @RazorFoxDV, on Twitter, and to like the Draconia Chronicles page on Facebook. ^__^

im afaird i don’t have a facebook account, but i never the less, do click on the little facebook icon on the top right of each page every once in a while. but never the less, thanks for clearing that up. i look forward to the next page.

Oo, I bet someone broke her neck! Riah did it! xD she kept up her own vow already! If, in fact, it *is* Riah. Seems the most likely, since that small sound effect in the last panel is, I’m pretty sure, that of a neck breaking. Quick, quiet death. Rest in peace, Kighan, though I surely didn’t expect you to kick the bucket!

I might be wrong but those don’t look like tiger fingers… where is my conspiracy whistle.

DANG!!! I’m rather impressed with Kess here. She must’ve really held back in the cave and not kill her own allies. Hopefully, tigers will sing tales of that fatal attack to warn her sisters to never…EVER… wake Kess.

have you ever watched a movie small soldiers.

Hey dexter adams they are planning on making a war craft movie.

Neck related death seems to be your signature way to kill your characters. Flare by neck cut, then Gaia by decapitation, then (almost) Kilani by hanging, now Kighan by crushed larynx and neck snapping.

well, the throat is an instinctively recognized weakness for almost all land-treading creatures.

It follows that most non-penetrating lethal episodes would focus on damage in this area.

“Good blocks of beech it was I split,
As big around as the chopping block,
And every piece I squarely hit
Fell splinterless as a cloven rock.
The blows that a life of self-control
Spares to strike for the common good,
That day, giving a loose to my soul,
I spent on the unimportant wood.”

– Robert Frost, “Two Tramps in Mud Time” 7@=e

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