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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So it looks like Eone and Lady Red might have a teensy disagreement going on.  Has their mission to find Kilani been jeopardized?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!  ^__^



What did Lady Red pulled that make her say “ow”?

Wow Dragon fight.

here is a picture

No, there isn’t. Try again by providing a link, please.

It’s on tweet I uploaded it on the photos I tried to put it in reply but it will not let it in.

Then manually type it in. Just start typing http://etc.etc… Seriously, Sulka, this is getting really old. You keep telling us about stuff you create, but you never give us a way to find it. Please don’t promote your stuff unless you can provide an address where we can find it and partake in it. Otherwise, if you continue to be unable to do that, then please just keep your posts to comments about the comic posted above.



That being said, please consider this your warning. I want the comments section to be for comments about the comic. If you have a link you want to show me, tweet it to me. Otherwise, if you continue to consistently fail to contain a comment and a link within the same single post and you keep cluttering up the boards, I’ll have to ban you.

Thanks for your understanding.

I am adding Earth Dragons to the factions I support in this series. I now side with Tigers and Earth Dragons.

Though I am really worried about the earth dragon that made a certain tiger go… squish.

PS: Eone looks like shes throwing up gang signs in 2nd panel. It made me giggle.


well you can look into my creations I just did two 2d the rest is old 3d animation modeling from a game that I was enspired a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Some where in the northern frontier.

The link doesn’t work. Please try again, and please also try to contain your links within your comment posts. Otherwise, it clutters up the board. Furthermore, I’d like the comments section to focus on discussion of the page above. This is not meant entirely for self-promotion. I’ll let you correct this post, but please stop posting further links. You have my Twitter account, so just tell me there.

Thanks again.

OOOOOOOOO IN YO FACE LADY RED! hahaha. about time someone told her that. now if only eone and meta can come in contact with kilani on there way home, boy would that be a miracle.

I’m still waiting to see if Kenzi is actually dead, until I See a body, I’m not going to believe it

I like how Lady Red furrowed her brow hard enough to tear her skin open in panel 2. XD

And those expressions in the last two panels…I wonder who would win in a draconic elemental smackdown? =O

They are on the ground with no room to take off earth dragons hands down.

I believe the reason they’re on the ground now isn’t because they can’t take off; it’s because once they *do*, the canopy is too thick for them to spot any tigers running below. If Eone and Meta made a surprise attack while they were still earth-bound, the fight wouldn’t last long; however, if Red and Cinder went airborne they would have to follow (lest they burn the forest down around them), moving further away from their element. Soooo…really it’s a matter of circumstance.

Aaaaand now I *really* want to see a 2D fighting game featuring characters from The Draconia Chronicles. /)OoO(

I know this has already been commented on many times before but, I really do like the detail with Red’s (and seemingly Eone’s) skin peeling off. I’m just wondering what’s causing that. Was it the lava heat from a few days ago? Or is it just molting naturally like a snake’s?

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