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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Like an awkward junior high school dance where neither the boys nor the girls want to make the first move in asking the other to dance, so too are we at a stalemate with Saph and Ennek.  What’ll happen when Saph takes matters into her own hands?  Stay tuned…

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Dammit, now shes gone nuts, whats worse is shes ignoring the fact tigers are living things too, yet shes so intent on killing shes joyous about it.

One day the ones that wanna talk about peace adn gonna meet and be like
“Hey, you’re not gonna kill me before we cna try this whole peace thing, right?”
“What? No, why would I do that?”

Until that time–and until their mutual language barrier is resolved–what Saph and Ennek have going on right now is the best we can probably hope for.

Not exactly high hopes then. Though I’m blaming the Tigers for this mostly, I mean, the Dragons at least have some who know Tiger language, which is probably more for interrogation reasons than anything but at least they’ve made an effort.

Does make me curious about who has learnt the language, I mean, Cinder had to have gotten her crash course in Tiger from someone.

they’re understanding of tiger language is very crude however, there is one tiger that is somewhat fluent in dragon, of course she’s being hunted for doing the best alternative to destroying the Queen’s egg she could think of.

hm, her hand is no longer sticking out… also you cant get rid of ennek, shes the one who gets all the commission requests.

She is now Justice League- Gods and Monsters Harley Quinn…

Does that make Lady Red her Joker? O_o

Gods and Monsters Harley doesn’t have a joker…. she is just crazy by nature… though Gods and Monsters batman does end up offing her by drinking all her blood..

…somebody wrote a superhero story where Harley isn’t a sympathetic villain and Batman is a vampire. =|

Let this be a lesson, kids: Don’t drink and storyboard.

its one of the alternate dc universes, superman is general zod’s son and he kills alot more often but only when he has to, he ends up killing Brainiac who is a kid that begs him to kill him, and Wonder Woman is a redheaded woman who is such a horndog that after beating a bunch of baddies alongside her hubby, she has him have sex with her then and there. Gods and Monsters universe be crazy.

Dude… there is almost always something behind every characters creation, Deadpool was to mock Deathstroke, Squirrelgirl was created to be a character who never loses to anyone, and Captain America was created because ‘Merica!!! F@#! Yeah!!

Oh, no; I was referring to the tendency of comic artists to turn their noses up at whatever continuity their predecessors established because it would interfere with their “creative expression.” Thus we get the plethora of alternate-universes, where names and logos are plastered on what might as well be entirely new characters for the sake of brand recognition (and sales). Though to my knowledge, Captain America was created by a Jewish artist who wanted to say “Fuck you” to the Nazis by making their blond-haired, blue-eyed superman punch Hitler in the face.

dammit. well this sucks. just one thing to do now. RUN ENNEK! and hopefully towards the other earth dragons so they can knock some sense into her, both physically and mentally.

Well, she’s got two choices of where to run for cover. One side is a now-empty forest, and the other side’s got a flock of Dragons and a phalanx of Tigers. Which one do you think she’d choose in that situation?

i believe she would run towards the tigers. even though she doesn’t want to kill a dragon, she can head into the forest trying to lose her and at the same time regroup with her friends, and hopefully dissuade them from attacking the dragons. im with her on this. she just wants the fighting to stop and no one can blame her.

…is it wrong that Saph reminds me of a toddler happily “playing” with a house cat, right before the cat decides “screw this noise” and provides a valuable life lesson? =3

I think it’s hilarious. The tigress understands the earth dragon just enough to see her ‘weakness’.

The efforts the dragon is making to irritate the tigress are wonderful. Sure, the tigress knows it would be suicide to attack THIS particular dragon, but she is showing a lot more self-control then almost anyone else in the situation.

Hell, the dragon has already left herself open for lethal assault multiple times without intending to.

When i think about it, the tigers CREATED that demence. When she killed the tiger, by selfdefence, a door in her mind opened and a psycho was born. Unless im mistaken and she dont intend to kill (i really doubt it with these big rocks of hers ). Possibly, another life will be taken, soon.

Wow, this whole page is MADE of win. Great going RazorFox.

Ennek must really have an iron will ( and rightful fear of immediate, splatty death ) to put up with Saph messing around with her like that. That must be the most intimate a tiger and a dragon have EVER been…..They’re going to end up together, aren’t they 😛

I just want to say this is getting more and more interesting each page. Thanks RazorFox can’t wait for the next page. I do hope Ennek manages to diffuse this situation somehow. Its going to be interesting when the Dragons meet Khilani considering she can speak fluent dragon she may hopefully be able to talk so sense into them. Has there ever been any indication as to why both Tigers and Dragons are at war with each other?. Also how did Khilani learn dragon and the Queen learn Tiger? so many questions.

Oh my gosh, Ennek, you are amazing. Seriously, I thought she’d still be all to pieces, but she’s got it together! Lol, Saph, you have no idea how lucky you are to be actually *touching* a tiger without being run through with a zhirite weapon first XD

Also … “Stone fists!” /Knuckles

do I see a Arnold Schwarzenegger reference in the last panel 😛

I think you mean Al Pacino as Scarface. ^^

maybe…but I’m sure the terminator said to too….I think the 1st or 2nd movie :S

Heck, what catch-phrase *hasn’t* Arnold said? 😉

He’s best known as Ashley J. Willaims of the horror/comedy Evil Dead trilogy (1981-1992) by Sam Raimi. It follows a group of friends who unwittingly release evil spirits (called “deadites”) while on vacation in a woodland cabin. At one point his hand gets possessed and tries to kill him, so he cuts it off and replaces it with a chainsaw. And I think later he travels back in time to the Middle Ages, where he builds a mechanical hand from a knight’s gauntlet. (Did I mention it’s a horror/comedy?) Anyway, he’s reprising the role on a TV series called ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ this fall.

He’s also appeared in the Maniac Cop film series, the Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys TV series’, and he’s had cameos in all of Raimi’s Spider-Man films. More recently he starred as Sam Axe in Burn Notice (2007-2013), and has written an autobiography called “If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of A B-Movie Actor.” =)

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