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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So it looks like the lady of the hour has finally made the scene.  Will Kilani have a chance to prove her identity, or will Cinder toast a Tiger?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



*sigh* Yknow, thought she had a head on her shoulders, but seems Cinder is so sure in what she believes based on a single reflexive motion of a tiger that shes making a scene and drawing every tiger within a mile radius when it could have been so simple as to wait for visual confirmation and go “Huh, guess it is her, okay then, job done, lets go home!”

ok out of the blue funny idea for Phill and kates wedding
> everything is going normal when some politico shows up to stop the ceremony on some obscure grounds that aren’t really solid
> shinden says f*** this guy and tells one of the cyborg lady’s to sit on him till the ceremony is over and she does

guess I was wrong about the Fox xD

It was a great guess, though! I wonder what Shaleigh’s been doing all this time…

well this is just great. kudos for getting the page done early razor. but man, have things came down to a boiling point. their gonna fight aren’t they? gee, i hope no one in this fight dies. maybe kilani can just be a peacemaker?

Even if she were, her voice might be drowned out in the fracas between the Dragons and Tigers clashing. If you’re right, let’s hope she can be heard.

well i mean when they meet face to face. i don’t know why, but with every confrontation between tigers and dragons so far, theirs always that moment when they pause and wait for one side to throw the first punch. this is window, is where i hope kilani will have her chance to speak.

hi I’ve read through most of the comic and i like it but is there no males in the comic or is this a female only comic

I direct your attention to exhibit A: The fight starting on Page 48. Exactly the same setup, so logic dictates that we should all prepare for a year of fighting, then all culminating in a mass exodus of the fandom.

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