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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So it seems Kess punching Kilani in the face might have just set Lady Red off just a teensy, tiny bit.  Is Kess about to be incinerated?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Razor could you explain what…the hell happened?

In short: Lady Red’s pissed off. ^__^

Does she even relize that she’s shooting in the same dirrection where Khilani and Cinder are?

Seen Lady Red put up with a lot of shit and keep a cool head, cooler than most. Surprised it take a shot at her career and standing to finally set her off of all things.

Red burns with a white hot fire, hotter than any fire seen so fare. Thouse shots swont leave even ash.

i’m beginning to really question why the dragons believe that they gota eliminate all their emotions and stuff, both of the dragon so far that we’ve seen get emotional just seem to get stronger for it without any real repercussions. Unless the reasons is that the queen doesn’t want her citizens to realize that they can power up if they angry.

It could also be that when they get emotional, not only do they power up, but some bit of self control is lost. Reference example A; massive overpowered blast which will (if it hits) likely incinerate not only her target, but the subject she is specifically ordered to bring back alive. Also possibly wounding the other dragon in the process if she is still alive.

Well I think lady is on the darkside conquest same as kess mentally not powers. To me I see everyone is evil in this comic the only one I see is good is kilani. you know as much as I like gaia I understand her death have to be necessary .besides I want to see ennek and shie rivalry.

Isn’t Shie the one-eyed one? (aka the cute one) She seems so nice and friendly to her kin….why would they have a rivalry? Or did I miss something a while back?

Well riah’s the one eyed the story takes place when chiaras mom and other maidens were escorting luminas egg while kess did a ambush on the dragon band escort Shie killed chiaras mom and then after a years of revenge kess made a bad descision trying to kill luminas daughter on a night assassin attack in her tent it was a trap taking into deep into the dragon dungeon were Chiara have her chance of revenge shie beaten and tortured riah Shie was helpless now after there escape Shie vowed revenge on Chiara and it’s going to happen if you went further back to tamsyns omen dream that’s what is going to happen Shie stabs Chiara in the ribs Sombrana is going to square off queen oscura dragon to dragon on each other.

Oh crap, Kess is going to be a post toasty, and I’m going to miss her if she does get blasted. Can’t wait to see if she & Kilani somehow survive this.

We have a Kess fan? I thought she only had haters. Hmmm…

Hi Razorfox,

Well heck yeah, I do like her, as a matter of fact I love all the tigers there, as well as the dragons, but I’m more of a tiger fan, do love big cats and little ones too. Also feel kind of sorry for the tigers cause they’re fighting against a superior race, meaning that the dragons can send out fire over a long distance, while the tigers have to get up close and personnel to fight them. Sort of like the European’s superior weaponry against the Aztecs and American Indians and other indigenous primitive tribes that met a more superior race with advanced weapons.

Well I am white and we white people did some foolish stupid were not a superior race we just have guns and weapons of iron. And now everyone has weapons. I am concern of isis and north korea same when the Nazis were coming to power when I watched world war 1 and 2 I was disturbed and disgusted. people think there the chosen race or better than anybody else that’s a lie no ones better nations rise and falls.


I don’t care what color you are, I was just comparing Draconia Chronicles to the similarity of what we have done to each other over millennia, always warring & killing each other due to different ideologies and beliefs. Shame we can’t get along even nowadays. And it’s gotten worse. Draconia Chronicles is a really terrific story and I love Razorfox’s art work in it. It really touches a lot on our own humanity.

You know, I have to wonder, at this point, just how much of the reasoning for this massive war between tigers and dragons had to do with the fact that neither side can understand what the other side says. And what would happen if they suddenly were able to understand each other.

The whole basis for the American Revolutionary War was a lack of communication between the warring parties.

Have you actually read the declaration of independence?
I did (just out of curiosity)
The UK was running all over the colonists rights.
There was a lack of communications ONLY because one of the countries didn’t care to stop what it was doing… NOT because they couldn’t.

Hey razor fox What would happen if queen oscura woke up and turn back to the light . Do you think she regreted the people she hurt or is she beyond redeeming herself. if not wow she is going to regret it later on in the after life. And I hope red relize that her queen is sadistic phsychotic homicidal war criminal just like hitler or saddam. Well feel sorry for her and I forgive her well she has gotta ask for forgiveness first to enter heaven and forgive herself .

No one knows how the war got started or who started it. All that is left is the war itself, and now there are too many deaths on either side that reconciliation is all but impossible, and no one is trying outside of Kilani. Well, except for Ennek, and we can see how well that turned out.

In all actuality, the Queen’s plan to bring back Kilani and execute her is a bad one. First off, her daughter memories would probably be brought back and she’d realize her “mom” is a sycopath and would hate her. 2. If it’s a public execution, then a lot of dragons would wonder “why is the princess going crazy over a tiger’s death? “Why did that tiger demand that the princess not see her death?” “Why the Hell is the princess protecting the tiger that kidnapped her?” (Lets be honest, the princess’s memories would begin coming back as soon as she saw her former mother in danger.) Some dragons would begin wondering if it’s at all possible to con-exist with the tigers, like with how Ennek was when she got the full details on what Kilani did. Really, we could see the raising of a 3rd group in this war, a group that want’s the war to end and that would be opposed by parts of the Dragons and almost all of the Tiger.

There is ALREADY a third party, but they are trying to keep the war going.
Don’t you remember the foxes?
They are behind the scenes on both sides pouring fuel on the fires

Gotta admit it. There is a very real part of me hoping Kess dies. So sick of her shit. Not that I’m cheering for this group of dragons either. But then Kilani might get the aoe too. Soooo, I’m guessing she lives to tsundere another day. Tho I may be using that wrong.

Please note the priestess of peacefulness (forget her name) does not seem the least bit surprised by Lady Red’s ‘flare-up’.
It’s either that or she is very good at hiding her surprise.
(a third option is she hasn’t noticed the flare-up, but I think we can rule that out)

I am certain the priestess will do something that will take the “fight” out of “fight or flight” in a moment

Razor, several pages ago I questioned how the tigers could possibly survive a war with the dragons.
No need to state all the advantages again; but now we can add this “NOVA STATE” to the rather long list.

I ask again…

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