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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Looks like Kighan‘s prognosis has brightened a little bit  And don’t think for a second we don’t see you back there, Saph.  ^__^

More coming soon.  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!



Those Fire dragons know how to melt my heart.

They have a knack for that. ^__^

‘The monster’, okay, I know these two civilizations have been engaged in a blood feud on a course for self destruction… But that feels … awkward. A target who doesn’t even try to fight back and tries to commit suicide and comes along for the promise of being executed… You think a tiger with a few more kills to their name would be on the ‘monster’ list.

Good points, though Her Majesty Queen Oscura might have a different opinion on Kilani, considering what the Tiger did to the princess.

S’emotionally driven propaganda’s what it is. No matter that she cared for her daughter, in her mind all that matters is she took her kid and ‘tricked’ her into liking her as a parent – one of the enemy, no less, and what could be more dangerous to the mentality behind a race war than such compassion? Right and wrong be damned, as angry mother and queen, she’s going to do her best to erase who she is and proclaim her a monster. After all, who’s going to disbelieve the queen, in these conditions?

Unfortunately, this is quite accurate in terms of how “the enemy” is often portrayed in times of war. When you dehumanize someone–for example, as the Nazis did to the Russians in World War Two–it becomes much easier to fight, kill, or exterminate them.

Oh I KNOW how they’ve completely demonized each other, but they’ve had no problem using ‘tiger’ or ‘flea bag’ before, so it’s odd they’d use monster for HER now.

see, to the queen, Kilani is the worst kind of thief, because she thinks that her child was being raised to be used against her later.

Where the logic from side of queen Oscura!? If Kilani being true monster, Oscura wouldn’t see Lumina/Chuki alive. I think queen Oscura must think wisely and don’t act like whimsical little girl with big ego and powers. Kilani not thief, she nurturing and good person. And i very hope draconic empire not become from that dictature into analog of “Third reign”. Oh yeah and i hope Lumina/Chuki not become new “Hitler” in draconic skin.

Well, Kilani is Public Enemy #1 as far as the Draconian government is concerned. Queen Oscura has been obsessed with tracking her down and having her revenge for the tiger “brainwashing” her daughter, and has referred to her as “the monster” for years. And whenever a king/queen says, “It is night,” the wise sycophant replies, “Behold the stars.” 😉

If the old calendar stories have any say, Kilani was a notorious warrior, so much so she’s said to be one of Kiriad’s finest, so she most likely has quite a few notches. That may be one reason why she’s referred to as “monster”. The other, one that everyone knows, is Oscura believing that Kilani and others attacked the royal convoy and stole Lumina’s egg for nefarious purposes. When in reality, Azure gave the egg to Kilani, knowing her good heart. Hope it gives a bit of insight to the story.

Seeing Kilani feel compassion for Cinder (if she’s the one crying) make me want to root for her.
But the last time you made me wish a prisoner would get away from a crual fate, *they got their head chopped off…*

I love the double standard here. (did I use that right?) They’re treating Kighan like she’s been a victim, but the only reason she ended up that way was due to her going to torture and eventually kill Kilani’s little Sis. And I assume if Kilani knew this, she wouldn’t be smiling at Cinder’s happiness. Do the Dragons really justify their own Monstrous ways because they view the Tigers are the real “Monsters”, so in the end whatever they do, the Tigers deserve it?

cant help but notice the juxtaposition going on with the two groups. dragons get back an ally they though was dying, while the tigers lose one they though was alive, seems like even fate operates in opposition of these two groups reconciling.
and I t feel uncomfortable with Kilani’s smile, knowing the hell shes probably gona go through in the capital I cant help but feel like her empathy is being wasted.

Yeah…at the rate things are going, I’m going to say that the Tigers don’t stand a chance at this point as the Dragons have killed way more Tigers than vice versa. But with that being said, I do suspect that perhaps Cinder might have a change of hear towards Kilani.

We coming closer and closer to meeting between Kilani and Lady Chiara, Lady Schaddig, Oscura, Lumina/Chuki (if she appear ofcourse). And you’re all lady and gentlemens know what!? I fear. I very fear because Lumina/Chuki can forgot Kilani completely and not recognise this “strange tiger”. This can lead Kilani into full end broken state and can lead into madness. Here “magic” or special events must happen to save Kilani’s live both physical and mentally. I hope RazorFox prepare interesting turns of the plot and story. I love this page because finally Kilani smile for passed time. I wait more conservations among Kilani and dragons. Oh yeah and you RazorFox promise to us reintroduce Azure! We all wait continuating! Thank you RazorFox and all best to you!

I know Saph can be very dangerous to tigers and dragons alike. If Red turns down Saph like she will later on, then they will find out how dangerous she can be.

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