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Remember, fellow Draconiacs, if there’s another version of the truth that works to your benefit, don’t question it!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here, and Briella proved to be too amazing to leave out of this story.  Will she square things with Lady Red?  Stay tuned…

Take care, and thanks for your continued support!


Hey razor fox did you like the sprites i made planning to make some short story telling out of those i borrow that idea from an old educational game
program by the mecc company it is called story book weaver. please go online search and have a blast with it or in that definition have fun.

Well, how about that! :3 Red takes her “just desserts” gamely and keeps it between her and Briella, and Briella doesn’t have to face any consequences since she already did by way of Xianil, and Briella gets to recover with the knowledge that Lady Red didn’t use her position to press any charges, even though she actually had every right to!

Lady Red’s always come off to me as the understanding type, the one able to look at both sides objectively and only dole out punishments that are absolutely necessary. Too bad her own insecurity about her position in the royal court gets in the way so much, thus her emphasis on keeping her career nice and shiny so she can feel secure. I really have felt sorry for how Eone treated Red throughout the entire mission, and anyone not so mad would agree with Red’s reasoning about the draft. Eone really didn’t have to push it as far as she did, and it would be nice if those two reconciled.

Eone have reason being mad. She and her comrades get arrested be “all loving” Queen Oscura and treated like dirt in society. Eone in begin see in Red light of hope to change this, but not in form of military condition. Then Red despite words of Eone about pacifism draft her into serving. It become a very heavy punch to Eone from Red. Oh yeah and don’t forgot what Red say to Eone about serving to Queen Oscura. It’s sounded for Eone like this “You get arrested for nothing and realesed very rough. You treated like a dirt, but it is your fault and that Queen forgive you, you must kneeling and obey.”. And last, i think all scorn earth dragons because they not desire be part of that stupid war.

*Reads the entirety of the comic in two days*

Where am I?!

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