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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Perhaps to some, not all Dragons are created equal.  Oh, and meet Nurse Shynen!  ^__^

Sorry about the delay in getting this page up.  Life and a couple technical issues slowed this page’s production down substantially.  One of the two big problems I was dealing with has been solved and I think I’m on track to fix the other.  Don’t worry about little ol’ me.  Your buddy RazorFox has it under control.

Next page should require as long a wait, so stay tuned!

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!



…. IS SHE SERIOUS?! >:( *chalks down negative mark to Dragon society*

Going by certain anatomical features (horns and breasts), I’m guessing she’s no more than 15. Saph and Fuegana are 16, and Arc is 14. So logically, seeing as she’s smaller in areas than the former two, and taller than the latter one, assuming she just hit the dragon growth point. Which means she’s either a prodigy as a nurse, graduating so early, or an intern. I guess I hope that she does the right thing and helps poor Fuegana recover.

Nurse Shynen’s an adult, as are Saph and Fuegana. Arc’s a kid, though. As for Nurse Shynen, I wanted to toy with a slightly different body type, specifically a noticeably slimmer one. The short horns were also to do something different. I can see how that gives her a youthful appearance, though. ^__^

Did… did you just try to determine age based off breast size? You know that’s incredibly variable right? Some girls take a while to start developing, and others can be fully filled out at 12. Some women just have small breasts. You can’t use breast size as a metric for fine age differentiation between individuals like that. On top of that, this is a fictional race, so they look however razorfox wants them to look.

Normally, I would agree with you. Breasts usually develop around 11-12, and grow according to hormones, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Not in this world. They’re not actually breasts, according to comic rules. Only in commissions is this true. They are the dragon’s “Flight Muscles”, that grow at a standard rate throughout the dragon’s life, and usually stop around 30 (or 120 in human years). Which is why I made an assessment about her age. If the flight muscle rules are still in effect, it’s easy to gauge how old a dragon is, by comparing their ‘muscle’ size to others around her. Hope this cleared up any misconception.

So is it safe to assume that all the dragon clans are basically prejudice against each other, I know we saw some of this with the earth dragons but I’d always assumed that their treatment was a result of Gaia’s betrayal to the crown. if the entire dragon kingdom is as divided by scale color as we might be by skin color (all cooped up in such a small location too) then I cant really see how Oscura kingdom will last in the long term. And forget about Tiger peace if its as bad as Lucis’ selective treatment implies then the dragons have a lot more baggage at home then we once thought.

Ya know I may have forgotten but, was it ever stated why the lightning dragons were banished? was it because of prejudice like this? or do they just hate Oscura that much.

The Earth Clan was beneath the rest even before Gaia’s rebellion. Their leader (aforementioned Gaia) was foreman of palace construction. No real political presence. Also, the lighting dragons, as much to my knowledge, sided with Sombrana when she tried to overthrow the queen, why they were banished and the fire dragons took over as the fighting forces, with Red as their leader.
The predjudiced mindset of everyone may be why they haven’t eliminated the tigers yet. Too much in-fighting.

aw I see thx for clarifying. its been so long that some times the lore escapes me.
definitely looking forward to seeing more of the kingdom, throw in Kilani’s own reaction to it ( the fact that there is no real prejudice between tiger clans) then Whatever dragons tasked with looking after her may be in for a culture shock.

No problem, I try to clear up lore where I can, if I can. The dragons have somewhat of a Caste system, where each element has their place. Light>Fire>Water>Lightning>Earth, high to low rankings. The tigers generally get along, as they’re all the same, mostly. White tigers are their royalty, and then there’s everyone else, in individual villages. Some disagree with Kiriad’s way of ruling, or lack thereof, so their prejudice is more subtle than outer color.

Whoa, and then I really didn’t like Doctor Lucis. I mean, I can understand if you need like elements for certain treatments, but otherwise dragons are dragons. And here I thought elemental-racism amongst the dragons really only extended to the earth dragons :/ I can only guess that such bad blood between lights and fires was because of Sombrana’s fall and Red’s all-too-quick ascent.

wow. Racist much? ugh, i hate it when someone says “Not doing this to that kind of person is the natural order of things” who gives a fuck? sentient life isn’t as Natural anymore. they have the power to change what is natural. A building isn’t Natural. A weapon isn’t Natural. is Racism Natural? maybe, but if it is, its fucking stupid and needs to be killed like the animals we eat for dinner

They can’t even get along at home, how are they supposed to beat the tigers?

Good question. Maybe we’ll get an answer one day…

I would like to put a few internets on the war giving the dragons a common enemy to keep them from destroying themselves. When the citezenry fights, point at a group and say “this is their fault. They want us to eat each other so they can come in and kill the survivors.” True or not, this provides an Enemy Without to focus on.

Well I was hoping the earth dragons will get along with the tigers one day like they will be there air force while the tigers are the ground forces fighting for freedom the battle of brittain of earth dragon and tiger against the nazi dragons.

Geeze. You bloody think with how much they hate the tigers, they wouldn’t have time to be racist towards each other. The entire POINT of having a ‘Them’ is so you can have an ‘us’, which enables society, and in turn, civilization, and in turn, progress, and in turn, increased chances of survival of intelligent tool using species’. Once an ‘Them’ can no longer fulfill this role, either due to the population coming to the shocking realization that the ‘Them’ are PEOPLE, and since ‘Us’ are people, that means the old ‘Them’ are ‘Us’, resulting in the need of a new ‘Them.’

If Dragons are dividing themselves up like this even with the tigers around that they’re convinced are the embodiment of all evil, then the war really has lost all practical purpose and meaning.

How broken is dragon society that they need an external Them AND an internal Them to keep it stable?

Just like in reality some are more ‘us’ than others and racists can always find room for more prejudices, after all why settle for just one when you can have the set?

That’s actually a bit of erroneous thinking. Just because someone is say, classist, doesn’t make them a racist. And being racist, does not inherently make one sexist. We like to lump together such people because it’s simpler, easier, rather than have shades of gray, and thus creates OUR ‘Them’.

I think that is the point, cause we gotta remember that the war has been going for at least a 1000 years of constant warfare, and even taking in longer lifespans of dragons we are talking about a long, long war.

… Wait, weren’t all the Earth dragons forced into manual labor and building jobs? Does that mean there are no Earth dragon medics and therefore, they don’t get any medical care??

What, no. At least, I don’t think so. Saph said that Earthers are mainly hired for farming and construction, and their numbers are the lowest and most regulated because of that fact, but if there is a law that says if you are of a certain element you don’t have to treat outside of it, I would then assume that there ARE Earther doctors/nurses/medics/etc. Why in the world *wouldn’t* you have medical care for those who very literally build the foundations of your cities and infrastructure? There probably aren’t any Earth dragon doctors or nurses in the Royal Infirmary for political reasons that were only just recently turned on its head, but surely there still must be a few practitioners outside the Palace.

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