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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Looks like Kilani, the so-called “monster,” isn’t exactly making the first impression Lady Schaddig expected.  Is Kilani’s fate sealed, or will a certain ram-horned Dragon go to bat for her?  Stay tuned…

I must say that I’m rather pleased with how this page came out.  I employed some new techniques that really helped me cut down on the time it took to produce the scenery, and these days, that’s typically been the part of the job that takes the longest.  Hooray for incremental increases in efficiency!  ^__^

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!



Yes or no question. Is it finally dawning on the rank and file dragons that something ISN’T RIGHT about this whole thing?

P.S. I know it won’t happen. Not in this verse. But I had the imagine of ‘The Monster’ being executed… and the princess happening to catch a peak, but the incident causes her REAL MEMORIES to snap back in place, and she cries out ‘You monster!’ And the queen naturally thinks her baby means the tiger… up until the queen is blasted through a wall by her own daughter a moment later. I know it won’t happen, but it makes for an interesting image.

Dude you think about consequences? If Lumina/Chuki remember Kilani she better hide this. If Lumina/Chuki do what you say, what stop Oscura from do third “cleansing”!? Your variant of events work if Lumina/Chuki hide existence of remembering Kilani until she grow up and power up into powerful dragoness and can throw off Oscura from throne. Of course it’s a bit brutal for little kid like Lumina/Chuki, but she wise and smart beyond her years.

Well, Cinder is keeping mum so far. Poor baby. Cinder is now one of my favorite dragons. I love seeing her all-encompassing integrity at work here. She really is one of those loyal types who ultimately treats everyone fairly and honestly, even enemies. Noble, that’s the word!

Oh man, and it’s looking like she REALLY doesn’t want to see Kilani killed. That, or she saw some kind of scar inflicted six months ago when Sombrana went berserk on Kilani.

Finally it’s begin. Oh, yes.

I see lady Schaddig stoic like Meta and know tigrine language too (it’s logical of course, if queen know tigrine well then her advisers also know tigrine)! But Meta and Schaddig not the same persons if they have both stoic attitudes (i think i must recalled into Knight of Obviousness :P). Lady Schaddig slightly surprised too that Kilani not resist despite her stoicism.

I like to see that someone from dragons give attention to question “Why tigers is monsters?” and “Why they must be monsters?”. And in Cinder awaken some feelings. I hope continuation begin grow more and more interesting! And question: Kilani know that Lumina/Chuki forgot her!?

PS By the way, dragons in their fresh scales look a bit cute and shiny. And oh god that little smug face of lady Red in first frame make me laugh (We can made it into smiles?) XD.

Cinder referring to Kilani by her name, showing genuine emotion to the realization that Kilani is willing for assisted Suicide. CINDER CARES! It always starts with one and then the empathy/sympathy will spread like Cancer.

She might be on to something here.

What I’m really thinking though is now would be Kilani’s best chance to explain her case to the Dragon leadership. I don’t entirely remember why Kilani had the Queen’s daughter but I’m assuming it was good intentions and hopes for bettering the big picture. And Kilani’s obviously left an impression on Cinder that may see her becoming an unforeseen Ally. Hope the Queen speaks Tiger.

The previous ruler and Chiara’s mom, Queen Azure, gave Kilani Lumina’s egg in her final moments, seeing that Kilani had a chance to do some good.

Sojourner what the hell!? Chiara’s mom not queen, but a part of royal dragon families that serving queen and Azure play role of royal matron and nanny.

For question of Michael I say four occasions for “held” Lumina/Chuki by Kilani. First Azure see kindness in Kilani before she die from bleeding (Azure injured by Shie) and give egg to Kilani (Sojourner right with that part). Second Kilani can’t abandon unborned child among forest. Third Kilani wish to end war among tigers and dragons and see in Lumina/Chuki first step to achieve that, grow up little dragon and give life, and peace (Kilani don’t know that Lumina/Chuki queen’s daughter). And finally four Kilani begin love Lumina/Chuki as her daughter and maybe best friend (Chuki is name that given by Kilani to her and it her tiger name, otherwise Lumina name given by Oscura when, *sigh* Oscura brainwash Lumina/Chuki).

Wow. Wow. Wow. This artist has literally not improved since this comic began in 2005.
Unbelievable what smidgen of popularity does to artists…

Well just look at you, mister badass! Hey, hey, tell us again in excruciating detail how RazorFox hasn’t improved 😀

I’m seriously curious to hear the answer to this. If there’s some mistake I’ve been making all this time and have been unaware of, I’d like to correct it.

I honestly don’t think he’s going to answer the question seriously since he hasn’t already. Probably just said it to rustle some jimmies. Anyone with eyes on their heads can see you’ve improved a great deal, especially composition-wise. Your style hasn’t changed all that much, but that’s fine cuz it didn’t need to. The way you draw expressions have gotten a lot better, too.

The growth is slow, but steady and still visible. Anyone claiming otherwise is just plain blind.

Thanks so much! My real day job requires me to work with photos a lot, so some of that has seeped into my artwork, and expressions are one of the most fun aspects of drawing for me. I’ve made numerous tweaks to my general style over the years, particularly in regards to facial features, that allow the characters to display a wider range of emotions, especially in recent years. I’m so glad you’ve noticed and that you’re liking it! ^__^

As you said that, I checked the first pages, and I call BULLSHIT on your claim, Cojin !
Side by side, anyone can see how sharper and detailed the pages got, come on !

Sheesh, Razor! You take such care to avoid showing naughty bits on the main page for how many years, and all of a sudden you give us Lady Red in the pink!?

I’m sorry, it had to be done. ^^

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