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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Will Cinder be able to save Kilani?  And who are Ember and Pyra going to apprehend?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!


PS: The 2018 “Draconia Chronicles” Calendar is coming soon!  Watch this space!  ^__^


Very cunningly Cinder 😀 We all of course know what she really wanted to do with “that tiger”. Maybe Cinder will ask actual question “Why Kilani so suicidal?”. And new characters! Finally we know more people from royal dragon guard 🙂

Oh, there are plenty more members of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace Guard than just Kighan and Cinder. But who are Ember and Pyra here for? Hmmm…

Saph duh. She let her emotions get ahead of her, we all know how Red feels about that. Also her actions put the “truce” she had with Kilani on the line. Jeopardizing the mission. Threatening dragon lives. She went into Psychopath mode, never go psychopath mode.

Meta is second place. But only because Red is about as rational as a rabid pitbull during menstruation. She’s probably going arrest the priestess, because it was her goddess that destroyed the city. AND Oscura is the type to put a goddess on trial. Red will probably arrest Meta to get Brownie Points with Oscura. Also I would like to complain about Red’s design.
Shouldn’t she have a deep brown hue around her nose and mouth, at all times?

Third likely is Eone, but its not NEAR as likely. She never actually attempted sabotage. Just vocalized an willingness to. She never did anything really.

There’s a story in there…

Bets that Eone is going to be arrested alongside Kilani?

Why you desire that Eone being arrested?

I do not desire it but she spent all evening sabotaging a military police action so…

Sabotage? You’re serious!? Eone not do any shit in mission, it just explode of emotions and no more, and lady Red understand this. Truly who may sabotage mission it is Saph. Remember where she shout in the cave “Tigers come to play!”? It what can sabotage mission if tigers be in the cave. Oh and don’t forgot that Saph kill one important tiger. If that tiger named Kenzi being alive the agreement being successful and all come to their ways, dragons with Kilani and tigers well just stand. Eone not do anything against mission (expect her anger on lady Red).

wow yay kilani and eone going to start a secret underground freedom fighting rebellion !! I wonder how many would joined that to stop both of those crazy leaders. anyone who truly feels doing taking a step with this true unknown courage going to betray your race to help a friend that is different that she will also aid you. well let’s see how the role play’s

Going to assume there’s going to be some backstabbing done to the Earth Dragons. Probably press some trumped up charges like “Insubordination” or “Conspiracy to Treason” for them being a bit mouthy and uncooperative during Kilani’s capture.

As for Kilani and, more importantly Cinder, really glad to see Cinder developing a need to see Kilani protected, both from herself and from the Dragons. Perhaps she’s beginning to think Kilani doesn’t deserve what’s coming to her? Or maybe now that she’s communicated one on one with a Tiger her perspective on this entire feud between their peoples is altered.

Could Cinder inadvertently be at the start of a revolution? Hmmm…

I’d settle for Cinder realizing that ‘winning’ this war is a croc and that both sides deciding just not to murder each other on sight would be better than continuing this meaningless long drawn out cycle of revenge that no one can apparently remember how it even started anymore, by the shocking realization that the Tigers are PEOPLE.

Ha! You already know why they not be cooperative, but let’s return in beginning.

Lady Red… She being FREE to choice companions for mission of capture Kilani. She try call our known earth dragons, but Eone refuse mentioning that earth dragons builders and pacifists, not fighters. What do lady Red? She forcefully consprict earth dragons due loophole of their law. If you so much desire blame someone for risk of failing mission, blame lady Red. Because SHE consprict them and she put mission and her career into risk!

Any more blame to earth dragons?

Hopefully they begin to think something very fishy is going on here when they’re told they’re ‘arresting’ a tiger. From their point of view it would be like arresting a rat for stealing food from the kitchen. You just kill’em. Arresting a tiger is acknowledging a tiger is a PERSON to BE arrested!

I’ve grown to love kilani…..she just wants peaceful life no more war, dragons and tigers can coexist and she proved that by raising Chuki (luminos) from an egg before the incident happened. (this was me) As she is now I’m surprised with how caring the dragons are with her, May the stars watch you and may the sun guide your travels dearest Ki….this Goddess is so far. wish I could help but….. got my own battles to fight. *proceeds to jump from a ship over Reach* ~Juno (had to use wolf oc. Perfect moment) (back to me) yep to all the readers so about that…. -_- Both sides of me are…fighting for control as for you Razorfox, damn you and my liquid pride…. that is all. No really that’s it.

Okay- this may be a LONG shot in the dark… but my guess for the arrest would be Saph. Saph may have helped out (even to where Lady Red has expressed gratitude) but she also is the most noticeably ‘unstable’ one of their ops- even to the point of nearly putting them all in danger with her physical actions. A dragon is not supposed to lead with her emotions, and Saph has been doing that for a decent while.
Again, reminder, this is just a guess on my end.

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