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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

So now we know that it’s Meta who’s getting arrested, and it looks like we’ve got another priestess in our midst in the form of Lady Schaddig.  What’s next for our Earth Dragons?  Stay tuned…

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Some say that “poor whites” are more prone to violence towards African Americans because they’re insecure about their “place in the social hierarchy.”

I wonder if Earth Dragons feel more or less hate towards Tigers given how they’re treated as just a step or two above them.

What? Just what!? Lady Red you know that before eruption many earth dragons be in cages and maybe Meta too! How she can warn you in cell!? It Oscura planted them all into cell! It’s Oscura endangered her subjects by this act of her anger! Maybe lady Red just avenging? Think about it, Meta saved Rula from bursting fire of lady Red. And I talk why Red must don’t do it! Now who hope that Red and Eone reconcile forgot it. They not be together very long time. Oh and of course Eone can enraged again and say what she thinks about Red and her royalty.

And I think that Ember and Pyra here to lift Kilani to cage because dragon structure not have stairs!

Ohhh-ho-ho she didn’t just have the lot arrested, she targeted the Priestess, someone of spiritual significance to their people, specifically.

That’s even better.

Better for whom? Or it just sarcasm?

Better as in singling out someone of great importance will like the other person said, incite an uproar against the reigning authority. If the entire group of Earth Dragons were arrested, it’d be an injustice. If just the Priestess herself was arrested, that’s a direct attack.

Well here is a plan get a group that you can trust go up north escape the city go to the nursury get your eggs fight if you have too and leave sombranas gonna come with her army of lightning dragons and ones that are loyal to her in the city run good dragons do not look back at the city go find the dragon elders.

So they just say ‘screw it’ and leave? But do they have anywhere to leave TO? The war with the tigers means the queen can scare her population in line if need be.

What? Just what!? Lady Red arrest Meta because she as priestess not inform about eruption!? And nothing that before eruption she was locked up in cell with other earth dragons by order of Queen Oscura! Lady Red you look very silly now. Or maybe Red just try avenge Meta for that she protect Rula from fire of Red in forest.

And I truly thinks that Ember and Pyra here for help lift up Kilani to jail because dragon structure not use stairs to get up in higher levels of building!

Now all know that Eone and Red in near future not reconcile or can even become enemies after that (in dragon society of course). And I think Eone now burst into anger again and may say what she thinks about Red, Oscura and their royalty. By the way this seems to me or Eone begin crying in penult strip (very small tear)?

PS If Lady Schaddig priestess then I have a question: Why all priestesses so stoic and kuudere?

Plot twist: The goddess specifically asked the Earth Priestesses *not* to warn anyone else that the mountain was about to go supernova. The goddess used the disaster to express her displeasure with the ongoing dragon-tiger war, Queen Oscura’s leadership, etc.

Not really a plot twist, since gods generally don’t tell their followers much of anything beyond the proper ways of worship and serving the god in question. If they plan something like that unless they’re specifically of a ‘look if you don’t shape up THEN I’m going to blow the volcano’ nature the priests aren’t going to really know more than anyone else unless the god wanted them or someone else saved or sheltered from it. AFTERWORDS they would then tell the priest ‘okay make sure to tell everyone I blew the volcano and this is why and they can expect worse if they don’t shape up’, so far we haven’t heard anything about any divine intervention or at least seen any priests displaying such knowledge. So far it just looks like scapegoat kind of thing, they need someone to blame for what happened, an outlet for the helpless rage and the Earth Priestess looks like a good victim for the witch hunt.

Do the other dragons just hate the earth clan for some reason? Oscura exiled and executed the closest thing they had to a leader, then forced the rest into cleaning up the volcano. She then was hesitant to upgrade their citizenship, and only did by blackmail from Eone. She then forced three of them into a tiger hunt. Now, Red’s using an inane reason to lock up their spiritual leader. Luasa might want to get involved before she doesn’t have followers left.

I agree with Jame’s hypothesis: Luasa/Loessa probably elected not to warn anyone because of her anger towards the never-ending war. Though I do agree with the arrest. Not politically, but practically. Meta’s probably just going to be detained until Oscura can interrogate her about the lack of warning for the first eruption, then address her threat to have it happen again. I knew Meta was going to regret more than just saying it, and here we are.

Again, before eruption all earth dragons be locked up in jail and queen Oscura not question them until eruption begin. And before eruption there were small earthquakes, NO ONE asked “Whats going on?” and NO ONE think that may earth dragons know about earthshaking because duh they connected to earth.

After we see how earth dragons treated in dragon society I’m amused how they not start rebellion. Maybe it because they believe that other kinds of dragons too can understand pacifism.

There are a few things about Dragon culture that are supposed to be understood amongst their people. One: most are loyal to the crown and are obligated to serve in its name if they’re chosen to. Two: one’s actions should be for the betterment of dragonkind and/or the crown rather than the self. Three: emotions should never affect your actions.

Also, the Queen *did* ask what was going on. She did so very forcefully, but in an explosive eruption like that she had every right to be when literally every single second counted. In her panic she actually blamed them as the cause because she *knows* how powerful a group of Earthers working together are. Consider the huge amount of lives lost because of that eruption. Yeah, eruptions like those are hard to predict accurately, but dragons in this comic put enough religious stock into their goddess Luasa that priestesses are considered figures of high(er) status and therefore high responsibility. Earth dragons have a very high communion with the planet itself, so an Earth dragon who’s also an Earth priestess is held to higher standards. It’s no *wonder* that Red had to take Meta’s threat so seriously!

From the point of view of a dragon who completely believes in the goddess Luasa and that the eruption was connected to her disposition for some reason as of yet unknown, Meta’s arrest is completely justified. Any citizen would want to know just why an Earth priestess didn’t give any warning. What kind of self-serving dragon willingly lets so many die? That’s why I agree that either Meta wasn’t told about the eruption, or she was told by her goddess not to try and stop it, to let it run its course. We’ll find out why later on, I hope. Meta doesn’t strike me as the vicious type.

Well, you got a point. But some things bother me.

First one they follow their queen absolute blindly (of course it may their holy tradition, but they dictate that they must think in rational manner), expect some individuals, despite that queen sometimes pick not effective and even good options. Heck some dragons criticize her decisions (even lady Schaddig).

Second one emotions, okay, they dictate that they must act not by emotions but by mind. And then we see shit. You know that they obey to one emotion I know? Very one big word HATE. You of course know that hate can be calm and silent? We see sometimes dragons not better than tigers in emotion part. Dragons driven by their hatred and sometimes racistic rage. And you say to me that they act by reason…

Third one, queen Oscura. Okay, she may balance in slide of care about her people and care about herself. But we see she slide more and more toward selfish reasons, she brainwash her own daughter in her jealosty and anger. You know by reason that her sweet daughter may be “infected” with sympathy toward tigers (in reality toward one tiger named Kilani). Such horror of course! And she seems not care about her people so much (only about close subjects to her, lady Chiara for example). She very fast forgot about Sombrana not see her as threat. And she pursue sadistical desire to torture Kilani to death because she truly believe that her daughter kidnapped. RazorFox say to us that in future strips Oscura play major role. And I wonder how she react if she discover story of Kilani.

PS I still think that there no major and strong reason to arrest Meta.

1. Nobody say that loyalty is bad, but blind loyalty is one of worst things even in real world. You say most of them loyal, but we see that said view can be fast crashed (Sombrana and lightning dragons). I wonder how with this decisions from their queen they not consider her tyrannical (expect maybe earth dragons).
2. Heh, you say this for betterment of dragonkin and in same time we see queen, she spent more resources into selfish goals and don’t care that earth dragons being a damn builders of their city! By the way I repeat my words, Meta and other earth dragons can’t aware others about eruption because they be into vacation of jail by order of their queen (said queen jail them for crime of ONE dragon)! Plus when they freed from cages they help stop fucking volcano from covering up their city into lava blanket!
3. You said they act be reason because they surpress their emotions. But apparently they surpress positive emotions more than negative. Result “Plague of grief”. And you know that they don’t control one emotion? This emotion called in capslock “HATE”. Plus sometimes dragons not better than tigers in emotion part and even worse.

PS I hope Eone and Meta talk this situation out because this blame very silly considering how much earth dragons help their kin. And thist action of lady Red seems like cruel joke and betraying her own words, “All be fine Eone, I promise.” yeah very fine now Red.

If that isn’t the flimsiest trumped up charge I’ve ever heard of. Your god fucked us over and you didn’t tell us. Because, of course, you could have forced your god to not do that, or at least warn us. Cause, of course, you control your god and aren’t just it’s messenger, if it feels like sending one. Looking forward to the civil war this pushes closer, or palace revolution. Whatever. Queen Twat and her Gestapo need it.

It also occurs to me…I wonder how long till the Earth dragons realize
they can use ‘fire’. Just cause it’s so hot it glows and flows, doesn’t
change the fact lava IS Earth. And there is no reason they shoudln’t be able to weaponize it. (hope this doesn’t multipost. Things were acting weird when I was trying to do this as a reply to prev post)

Dude you read the comic or not pay attention to one fun fact? Earth dragons are technical pacifists, they may long ago realize that they can weaponize lava, but not using this because of their beliefs in peace. And I truly not understand why they “lowest cast of dragons” because Earth it powerful strength if you know how use it. Maybe other dragons see them as traitors because they don’t desire seize same agressive view as other dragons do.

Warlike societies frequently treated pacifists as not much better than traitors, reviling them as scum because they won’t fight and kill for whatever cause society is focused on. Pacifist conscripts in the military would be given the most dangerous jobs possible, like mine removal or recovering victims on the battlefield due to their perceived betrayal by being pacifists. Sadly they often ran afoul of ‘friendly fire’, being murdered by their own side for being ‘cowards’ because of the contempt felt towards pacifists. During WWII the Amish would frequently be the victims of assault in the US because their pacifism got them exempt from military service, my great-aunt’s husband loved to tell stories how the men that couldn’t serve would go around assaulting and shaving the Amish men (since shaving their beards was an attack on their faith) for being cowards in their eyes.

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