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You know I would comment on the increasingly obvious societal divide between the dragons, but I’m stuck wondering if all fire dragon music resemble mid 80s hip-hop/pop? is there a dragon version of Rock Master Scott and the dynamic three out there?


These are all very important questions…

Also I begin doubt that most part of dragons follow their “emotions must don’t dictate your actions” or they have issue with only one emotion: anger. And there are royal guard, only few hold their “shit” (lady Red and Cinder) others be so easily pissed off that I’m not amused why Briella consider fire dragons as “brutes”. Seriously they angry at nurse because she do her job and pretty much seriously care. To be honest Kilani was right that tigers and dragons not so different at all.

Getting the sense that Dragons have a serious Prejudice problem transcending their war with the Tigers. Comments like “Light Dragons…” or the treatment toward Earth Dragons. Obviously there’s a hierarchy system in this society based on power and the Fire Dragons are at the top just because of their destructive abilities.

I wouldn’t be surprised over a future rebellion from the “lower classes”. But I’m not dismissing the idea that Cinder may be the spark for that, even if she too is a Fire Dragon. Change always starts from within they say.

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