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Hm, I think Kilani escorted to “special room of captivity” or to majesty herself. And how queen Oscura find out that Cinder escorting Kilani? Is she not a sleeping right now or can’t wait to see a monster? Also first dragon with clearly red eyes, I think it’s look cool for Yshira 😛

Still rooting for the Fire and Light Dragons to lose their empire thanks to their own incompetence/clear efforts to push out any dragons that aren’t them from positions of power. Personally, I’m seeing Her Majesty benefiting far too much from a powerful Earth Priestess being removed on her direct order and being psychologically traumatized to the point of absolute worthlessness in any future duties…or kangaroo court cases. Leaving a highly inexperienced, rather shocked and terrified, and best of all suggestible young Earth Priestess to take the ousted Dragon’s place…

And look! A convenient Tiger scapegoat with openly suicidal tendencies! What more could a power-hungry monarch ask for in justifying major efforts at collecting power for themselves in so intolerant a species as the Dragons, who even refuse to provide medical treatment to Dragons not of the same color but most certainly of the same allegiance?

I’ll just watch, see how amusing this gets. See how uncaring the Dragon Gods are. 😀 The afro situation is just plain…depressing, though!

Three things:
1)three years to grown that hairstyle, justo to tell you that someone get it first HURTS. (Or who gets it first?)
2)That letter is not a trap. what would you think is a trap? Is not a trap!
3) (Pregunta: Chalodillo habla español por ser del Salvador, entonces de qué país eres para hablarlo, y quién más aquí sabe hablarlo? Asi en español como para variar jeje)

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