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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for enduring the hiatus while I worked on a once-in-a-lifetime side project. The Draconia Chronicles is back!

And it looks like comparing a Dragon’s hairstyle to that of a Tiger’s might not be what any Dragon wants to hear. What’s next for Kilani in her captivity? Stay tuned…

Take care, fellow Draconiacs, and there’s more on the way! Thanks again for your patience and continued support on Patreon!



Well. From most dark moment for earth dragons to light jokes about similiarity of dragon and tiger hairstyles. But to me Kilani seems in the mood: “May I make some comments or jokes, that doesn’t matter anyway I’ll be executed”. But it yes refresh positive mood in comic anyway. Hope I be wrong about state of Kilani.

Also very clearly that Pyra react not well to comparing with a tiger.

It’s not exactly a welcome comment, it seems. ^__^;

Ahem, sorry if I’ll being rude.

I just say after seeing the whole your in-comic universe that lighthearted moment can drown in the sea of incoming of possible “not so” lighthearted moments. Don’t get me wrong I like this lighthearted moments, but Kilani’s true fate is not clear and this gives paranoia. And that you’re fan of “Game of thrones” doesn’t help.

Besides it I glad that you’re back from your “super secret side project” and now continue write and draw comic. Thanks that you continue your works no matter what, I wish you most good things in your life!

She’s going around naked, okay, she’s utterly suicidal right now to insane degrees, and is just waiting for the queen to get around to torturing her to death, or forcing her adopted daughter to murder her to make sure all the erased memories are gone for good… but at least it shows her accept her customs.

Also, I wish some of these flea bags or lizards would get the clue that at the end of the day, they’re different, but not THAT different.

Glad to see your back RazorFox, I was beginning to really miss Draconia. hopefully well get some lighthearted pages befor Kilani has to inevitably face Queen Oscura and we all know that wont be pretty.

Also , this is all probably hush hush, but any hints on what your new project is? just out of curiosity.

I was really missing “Draconia Chronicles,” too, and was eager to get back to work on it. I had a deadline to meet with the other project, though, and so I had to put the comic on hold so I could hit the deadline. It felt so good to draw my own characters again! Thanks for sticking around! ^__^

Aw, this is cute. It’s a shame that it’s not gonna last.

Also, I’d like to know. Are Ember and Pyra gonna get in trouble? They put a suspect/witness, that’s about to have a mental break down, in the same cell as someone with what appears to be PTSD. And they’re knowledgeable about the fact that one IS prone to violent outburst, and the other COULD be. Couple that with the fact that this dungeon has other cells, which appear to be empty, and it comes off as Ember and Pyra hoping something kicks off.

So they have endangered prisoners, possibly obstructed justice, and have contributed to the mental deterioration of at least two individuals. For what revenge? Shits and Giggles?

Truth be told, I don’t think anything will happen to them. Fire and light dragons appear to be able to get away with murder.

I think I’ll just enjoy the cuteness of this page while it lasts.

You bring up some excellent points! I will point out, however, that on page 425, Pyra mentions that putting Meta in the same cell as Xhianil was Lady Red’s idea and that it had something to do with redemption. Let’s hope she knows what she’s doing!

A good aside by having a periodic drop of humor in an otherwise bleak world. However, Cinder may be planning something good for Kilani, such as an escape plan. They can communicate, and it seems no one has taken notice that Kilani has no restraints whatsoever. Guess they figure the Captain of the Guard can handle herself if anything changes with her prisoner.

Let me guess, Pyra didn’t choose the homie life, the homie life chose her ? ^^
And I better cherish these happy moments between Kilani and Cinder, because it’s likely to end like the last time I hoped for a prisonner to be saved… (gore : )

Ooh, i see someone’s art style gained some experience points since last page, noticeably in the faces.

Seriously, when the language barrier begins to fall, it becomes easier to see past the prejudices. Cinder is warming up to Kilani so much now, its even become second nature to call her by her name.

Oh and also I forgot mention. Pyra and Naisha have same hairstyles, but together comes irony that they both have explosive personality. They literally can be tiger/dragon mirror to each other.

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