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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Looks like Saph just got a deep look into Lady Red’s past. And who’s that at the door? Hmmm…

There’s more on the way, my fellow Draconiacs, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support on Patreon!



Wow saph intruding into red quarters .

It’s not intruding if a member of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace Guard escorted you there, is it? ^__^

Well She has been a little deceptive she ratted out her own kind too oh boy saph you chose your side T-T to bad so sad.

So what will happen if queen oscura got defeated .

Sulka sometimes you need to calm down your theories :/ Oscura not seen defeated in near future and I doubt that story be that way because you run ahead of train. Theorise about recent events, this be more better and you can explain how it can be logically that way. Razorfox also have other social connections to hear your point which I use myself to sometimes contact him and ask him several question. Also sometimes your comments sounded somewhat creepy :/

Saph may want to quickly hide in whatever she can fit in to avoid being caught, probably by Red or worse. Also, how’d Red get gold in participation? She existed as a state of matter at an appropriate time and place the best?

Maybe Red be active in various events while othres may be like “meh whatever”? Also it’s ironical how perfectionistic Red. And Sojourner you don’t know what mean “your comment await moderation”? It’s me Knight of laziness, I just change account. I write several comments and they don’t apper in “public view”, they can be seen by me but not by others.

Irony, we already seen that bronze medal before and Red be very sad aboit it (with real fountain of tears!). And for Saph hero makem by actions not by awards or rewards and recent Red’s actions doesn’t look very heroic at all. Also it’s me Knight of laziness, I just change account.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to see the Dragons fall under their hilarious prejudices and internal racism dividing their nation and depending entirely upon their magical superiority to keep their empire from collapsing to a bunch of semi-rabid tigers with big clubs and no technology…but I suppose I’ll just comment on Red’s ‘accomplishments’ for now, and Saph’s rather extreme lust for power/getting it on.

Saph’s made some astute, or perhaps useful (she doesn’t strike me as terribly sharp as tools go, though DAT BUTT leads to me forgiving much) observations; Red was a perfectionist as a child, yet bears no accolades as an adult beyond ‘rank promotions’. Perhaps she has served covert roles by and large, doing deeds that can receive no recognition?

Or is she, perhaps, with her rather impressive ability to be utterly undiplomatic and power-hungry (the maiming of the Earth Priestess for not providing warning of her goddess’s unpredictable will and horrific natural disaster smacks of a power-play to cripple the Earth Dragons and bring them under Fire dragon influence given how well it could serve Fire Dragon interests in a fiercely divided species who won’t even provide other colors but their own medical assistance) coasting on her initial influence and use to the Queen to advance through her ranks? An untested flunky who is pushed through based on her use to the queen as a reliable stooge and stool-pigeon? Ahh, the possibilities…

Well, we already seen that Red very painful react when Eone call her a “pawn”. Maybe she truly consider her majesty as smart and careful leader and want to be rightful henchwoman to her. But it seems that Red herself begin falling for same beartraps as Oscura. First she begin (I thought) consider Meta as traitor since she help “wrong tiger”. I respect Red as competent leader, but her judgements begin be horrible as Oscura’s.

And about Oscura, she consider Kilani (tiger who take very good care of her daughter several years) as monster who “brainwash” her daughter. But by irony in reality only one who did brainwashing is Oscura. I thought how their dragon empire not split apart and come to conclusion that their “great” empire held together by tiger threat and acess to “elixir” which allow to birth another dragons, and of course power of queen I guess.

Returning to Red I think we learn about her more if we see another interactions of her with Eone and maybe Saph (how she react to her most fangirl “numba one” escapes me). And what about possibilities? Well, yes I agree with you, there are many possibilities, but we must see full picture of characters then judge. I personally await if Oscura show something besides “be reckless iron woman” toward other characters expect Lumina/Chuki and how she act if learn truth about true intentions of Kilani.

Also theory about Red that she arrest earth priestess to influence or bring earth dragons to war quite interesting and gruesome.

Oscura is most interesting yet oddly…not concerning to me. A mother can become highly irrational and even blatantly insane about her children…for better or worse. I would know, as my childhood was ‘special’ in a highly negative way. She’s desperate to have back a child that is arguably not hers anymore, but Kilani’s. That’s a nasty, nasty thing to face for any parent, and Oscura is a ruthless queen of an alarmingly thoughtless race/empire. Such a blow as having a daughter no longer recognize you as mother in a setting where childbirth is NOT guaranteed is liable to cause Oscura, at the least, great personal turmoil. A highly mature, experienced, and compassionate mother MIGHT accept the situation, painful as it is. Oscura? I’m not holding my breath, not when she views people as generally serving as tools. I suspect she’s treating Kilani to a little ‘gilded cage’ treatment, making her vanish for a while…so she can use Kilani to ‘reclaim’ her daughter somehow. I strongly doubt compassion is a common trait in Dragons, or even basic concepts of morality applying to anything but themselves. Cinder is the most shockingly mature, sensible person I’ve yet seen in this comic.

Red begins to smack of being a useful pawn, pathetically aware of how she didn’t earn her station and is there to serve Oscura’s purpose as an obedient warlord. Certainly, she’s skilled at finding people to do her bidding no matter how questionable; Meta seemed to me to have absolutely no guilt or real forewarning of the volcano/earthquake/whatever, and the situation screams “scapegoat”. Replacing an experienced, stalwart, and surprisingly even-keeled Dragon Priestess of a rival and rather independent clan/species of Dragons who proved highly resistant to Red’s manipulations (just look at Meta countering Red’s quips and commands during the Tiger Hunt for Kilani!) with a far less determined and younger Dragon smacks of a coup. Especially the sudden reinterpretation of age-old legal/magical/holy precedents keeping Earth Dragons out of battle at the will of Fire Dragons leads me to suspect Oscura is making a play for domination with Tigers as a scapegoat and Meta as a warning to anyone who would cross her; Not even the Gods will be able to protect you from my wrath. Red had Meta stripped of power…by her own Fire Goddess. Why would the Earth Goddess allow this? I doubt she would.

No friends, we saw the Fire Dragons just assassinate the head of the Earth Dragons’ church. That’s a power play, and Eone is either going to have to seriously grow up and challenge this…or her weak willed nature will lead her to puppethood. I’m sure Lady Red would have much to share with Eone on that matter…

We must look to how Kilani is either made to vanish, murdered, imprisoned, or eliminated. I strongly doubt her presence in whatever quarters she’s bound for will be a good thing.

What I can say about Oscura? I know in what mothers and fathers can become to protect or “protect” their children. But what done by Oscura is highly immoral and clearly unmotherly. I don’t know how this end up, but I know that it end up with very harsh consquences.

By the way we don’t know truly what actually planned Oscura for Kilani. Maybe Oscura write in this letter “Bring the monster to my chambers” and Cinder seems somewhat confused. Maybe Oscura desire force Kilani to be her “pet-tiger” and treat her like animal to torture her. But Oscura know tiger language and maybe try to interrogate Kilani instead of torturing her.

About dragon society, I doubt that they don’t have concepts of morality, they have individuals that very as you say “mature”. They somewhat resemble greeks and romans. They have pride that typical to these past human empires. Back to past of humanity in this civilisations treating humans of other societies like crap is being normal (gladiator arenas for example suggest it). Same here and war against tigers continue only for three reasons: pride, revenge and misunderstanding. Cinder grow warmer to Kilani because it’s uncovered to her that Kilani not monster at all as mission suggests and Cinder right now in doubts I guess.

About Red, if what you saying is right (I doubt that to be honest) then she most huge hypocrite in comic. Red gives promise to Eone that she help earth dragons in their position (of course it can be silly to you, but that promise is one of significant moments). I think that Red scapegoating Meta because she save “wrong tigers” i.e. Kess and Riah. Red showed be not powerhungry at all, she is more like serving for the sake of loyalty to queen and as already mentioned very perfectionistic.

About Eone, I doubt that she can become a puppet, because well she not like that weak willed. She showed to be smart, she can actually see consquences of actions and point out what is truly wrong (expect moment with Saph), also can calm down when needed (as showed after talking with Meta). Many people begin to claim that Eone is childish, stupid and outright insane for one emotional outburst of hers. People, despite that she comic character she is not made of iron god dammit and she live in world full of pain and crap where her people treated like a dirt (no pun intended). And I think she already face most powerful challenge. Talking with Red after all actions she has done and thinking what to do now.

And I also doubt that Kilani be eliminated. That tiger may play one of most significant roles in history of draconia and it’s inhabitans and we not know it. Because she right now in dragon capital and may get chance to talk with queen, it’s open potentially many outcomes.

Oscura is plainly playing the ‘mother’ role. She is being the ideal parent until Lumina grows up. At which point, Lumina serves only as a living weapon against the tigers, as Oscura planned. I’m sure at first she was distraught about losing her child, but after a while it became a similar feeling to losing an asset. Like a bomb reprogrammed.

We do have a reasonable idea of what Oscura may be planning for Kilani. If Oscura’s treatment of Kiriad in the calendar is any indication, she will probably humiliate Kilani until she gets bored of her, then make her disappear. Just like any other, dragon or tiger, that goes against her will in some way.

I’m sure they have at least a grasp on the concept of morality. Whereas the tigers can solve their differences by physical or verbal means, the dragons have political means. Someone knows someone else, and a string of undermining and backbiting topples those unsuspecting. Therefore, yes, their society is very Ancient Greek and/or Roman, since the patricians were regularly killed by their own guards. There’s even a term named after an Athenian lawmaker for using terrible punishments for light crimes, like those Oscura enforces: Draconian.

As for Cinder, she is shaping up to be one of the only ones with sense. She could very well use those under her to assist her in helping Kilani, since she is the captain of the palace guard. If Oscura finds out that she’s ‘sympathizing’ with the ‘monster’, Cinder may disappear.

Red is complicated. By all accounts, she shouldn’t be where she is. She’s failed several important missions thus far, minus the most recent, but even then it wasn’t a complete success. She has no accolades that prove herself as a competent leader. She had good marks in primary school, then nothing but rank certificates after. Not to mention that just about all decisions she makes are on a hunch. She wrongly imprisoned and nullified Meta, for doing nothing wrong on the mission, that Red herself said she’d take full credit for if anything went wrong. All in all, she is simply another chess piece in whatever mad strategy Oscura has.

For the remaining Earth Dragons, Eone seems a bit too hot-headed to be a stable leader, and Saph is too distracted by Red. Eone has said that she and a very small percentage of her race are willing to help in the war effort. Now, thanks to Red’s actions (that Saph missed, due to finding her idols quarters), Eone will probably convince her group to fight against the crown, not for it, if she cares at all for what happened to Meta. At the same time, the gods have their own set of politics in play, and I’m fairly certain Luasa is planning something against Isatu.


Red is complicated because she jump in ranks like bunny, up and down. She in her position right now because she mastermind behind “rescuing” of Lumina/Chuki and returning her to Oscura. She fails then succeeds and again fails, and again succeeds, it’s can become a meme at some point. But right now with your arguments I think she acusses Meta for two reasons: because Meta don’t give Red a chance harm particular tigers and because she wants restore her rank at some point. Hm after that actions Red seems very huge hypocrite and Eone begin to not trust her at all.

What about Saph and Eone? Well, Saph at some point can reconsider her view of Red if she discovered something or if Red commit truly horryfing act which even fangirl can’t handle in head and reconsider. Eone seems not stable leader, because her hot-headness? Heh, what you expect from idealistic, pacifistic young woman? Her views about peaceloving treated like shit in comic, I’m not amused that Eone ready to shout at and insult anyone because seems this “conspriction” of Red and next actions anvil her feelings very hard. Try to be in her skin right now. I admit that her actions not smart in forest, but it’s not reason to consider her stupid or not responsible at all. And right now we see Saph’s point of view, first be Meta and Xhianil and I think next comes Eone and Red.

If what Sojourner says about Red is true, then I fear my beliefs are only lent great strength; Red’s highly unusual and volatile promotion scheme appears to only have succeeded with direct assistance, and given how she answers directly to Oscura, who else but the great tyrant herself would bother? Oscura clearly shows disdain to any forces that directly report to her; remember the Fox Spy? Sojourner also raises a very valid, uncomfortable point; if they have stooped to murder already in service to the crown, and I mean bloody-minded and cold-blooded murder for gain, what possible reason would they have to not murder Cinder for allowing herself to be compromised in regards to the ‘monster’? Oscura is not one to allow situations to go against her will. True, Cinder may ‘merely’ be transferred to a distant and dead-end post, but Oscura seems to prefer directly punishing servants who displease her directly. Hell, they stripped Meta of her magic with absolutely no trial and no evident fear of any retaliation from the Earth Dragons and the Goddess; either the Fire Dragons are suicidal in their belief of no consequences, or else they believe they have strong defenses against reactions from those done wrong. Now true, the Dragons have not proven themselves to be terribly…sensible, or even mentally stable in most regards, but I doubt an empire that has lasted to its current heights did so thanks to C-List villain idiocy being their chief trait of governance and intrigue.

But that depends on our dear webcomic creator 😉 Keep up the good work, lad, it’s fun to argue about if nothing else.

Anyway, I figure that Oscura…has got a game rolling along here. What, we will see. Red is an incompetent boob, hothead, and pretty much an obvious toady and puppet. We must simply await the others. What happens to Kilani will tell us much about the plots of Oscura. I doubt any other dragons in service here have even a fraction of the power to even try to resist her will…


“Fox spy” named Shaleigh and she I think still participant of mind and political games played in comic. And my intuition suggest that she do something after Oscura kick her out from palace. And clearly not pleasing for dragons or Oscura.

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