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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Lady Red‘s delivering her rebuttal. Will the frank talk have the desired impact? Stay tuned…

This, by the way, will be the last mainline story page for the series for the remainder of the year because after this, it’ll be time for the Draconia Chronicles holiday special! How will the residents of Draconia Lane celebrate the season this year? You’ll see soon!

I’ve also been getting inquiries regarding a Draconia Chronicles calendar for 2019. Unfortunately, I’ve decided that there will not be a new calendar for 2019. A large reason was that I hit a wall with the chosen theme and it was too late to change direction with it. I’ll revisit things next year. For now, it means I’ve got more time to work on the actual comic, so that’s a plus!

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support on Patreon!



While, what lady red is saying is all true, whether the earth dragons are able to actually gain status with the queen all lies on Oscura acting in good faith.

for all we know the earth dragons partaking in the war could be construed by her into something like a coup or a disruption of the norm, after all the earth dragons were primarily non-combatants so if they all of a sudden started participating in the war I could see Oscura farming said change negatively (that is if she really hates them).

the fact that red thinks her queen can do no wrong is intriguing to me, she seems a-lot more thoughtful with everyone else, any hints as to where this loyalty came from?

Ahem, there are many things that we can discuss with and we shall start.

“Earth dragons: they’re farmers, they’re miners and they’re builders. This jobs appreciated, but don’t inspire anyone.” – Socialism hugely disagree with you lady Red. This jobs not only appreciated, they needed for society grow strong and prosperous. Where comes aforemented “badass” if he/she not have home? What the badass should eat if there are no farms? And finally what badass use to fight if he/she not have weapons? Maybe problem in society and dubious decisions of leading party?

“But if a few brave earth dragons can step up from time to time and prove to be assets in field, you and your race become visible” – War is not place of glory, it’s place where people dies lady Red. If lady Red meant that earth dragons must be some sort of supports who save life of other dragons that is more good thing rather than murder tigers everywhere. And we all readers know that tigers not bad guys too, just some characters among them can be truly evil.

“You seriosly think that we’ve always had it easy?” – Hilariously from point of view of readers and maybe Eone answer be “Yes” lady Red, because we not know how fire dragons live. And you now lady Red should talk how your people lives, please.

Saph again silently support lady Red from a corner. Well what we wait from fangirl anyway?

PS I’ll tell you hilarious story RazorFox. I told my friend about your comic and he decide read it, after couples of days he return and says to me “Plot kinda cool, but drawn style is poor” then I show him last page and my friend have very surprised eyes. Fun part? He tell my that he desire to read comic, but can’t due poor drawning style and that he can’t get trough “old times” pages to get to new drawning style. Also he complains that dragons not have steampunk tanks, but it’s another story.

Thanks for introducing your friend to the comic! The art’s undergone a considerable amount of evolution since the comic premiered in 2005. I like to think I’ve gotten better over the years, and I always try to give it my best. What you see in the early comics was the best that I was capable of at the time. Hopefully, your friend will continue reading up to the current story. As for steampunk tanks, I won’t make any promises on that. ^__^

I cant get a good read on Lady Red’s disposition. Its obvious she has an agenda. Whats up in the air is whether or not others benefit from it if it follows through.

I suggest the Earth Dragons just go off and build their own Nation State separate from the Empire. They have the abilities and knowledge like she said to build and farm, and they also have the power to successfully breakaway, given that if the Queen tries to force them to stay the Earth Dragons could just completely bury the royal palace.

Red is right in many ways. While the Earth dragons ability’s make the farming, mining, and building jobs go faster and easier if pressed any dragon could do those jobs. And while those jobs may be essential they are not usually recognized. Red knows that if you want to move up in the hierarchy you need to stand out to the superiors for all the right reasons. And with that promotion you can use that new position of power to help you’re race by making there lives better. The fire dragon’s weren’t always in such good standing, but no doubt red worked her tail and wings off to get them there. Red tried to help Eone do the same for the earth dragons but apparently Eone wanted to act like a brat instead. Like it or not Oscura is still the most powerful dragon and the one in charge, and that’s not changing any time soon. And for all the talk about splitting from the union, lets just say that historically that’s never worked out well. If Eone really wants to help her kind, it might be a better idea to work with the system than agents it.

“And for all the talk about splitting from the union, lets just say that historically that’s never worked out well.”

Where is said that historically it didn’t go well? Earth dragons not splitting from others because of simple things:

Tigers (obviously).
“Elixir” (“mysterious” liquid that control birth rate of dragons).
Best hopes for more good solution in their conflicts (since Eone mentioned that they desire earn respect by peaceful ways).

If you mean Gaia’s situation and death then it’s not ancient history or whatever. It’s shows how cruel this world to someone who just want child of their own against rules.

“If Eone really wants to help her kind, it might be a better idea to work with the system than agents it.”

Red’s variant is good if it involve earth dragons only protecting and saving lives of other dragons. But it is not ideal simply because who forbid Oscura order earth dragons to be more “brutal”? Who forbid Oscura from dubious orders that end up bring no good feelings aftrwards to earth dragons? You can say among them is persons who really want fight in war but what you say about others who don’t want? You force them? Or consprict them into military service? And if system is good why be against it? Eone and other earth dragons (Meta include) have reasons to be against it and it’s not amusing that system use everything to break such “conflicting” individuals.

If I’m understand Dreamer Dragon correctly, they might be referring to the American Civil War in the 1860s. The breakaway southern states didn’t fare too well, to put it mildly, and were crushed by the American forces before they surrendered and rejoined the northern states. Would Eone lead such a rebellion or will she heed Lady Red’s words? Stay tuned…

What this historic example do with history of your comic? I can too bring historical example where some rebellion is win and change society (with low chances I must add). There must be a question how long is patiance of earth dragons before they do actually rebel. If Oscura or some other person continue push earth dragons anyway it can finally lead to rebellion, because of this we may hear “They had enough and won’t listen buttlickers of queen anymore”.

Sounds like a well-thought-out assessment of the situation and the political dynamics involved. Will Eone play ball? Hmmm…

You do understand how this hints at your actual hopes for the political situation of the Earth Dragons, right? PLEASE don’t tell me Oscura’s desperate efforts at covering up the anger of the Gods with her foolish, tyrannical decisions and deliberate efforts to turn Earth Dragons into cannon fodder for a war of power and the consolidation thereof is, in fact, a giant game to enforce new-age equality and egalitarianism in the ferociously divided Dragon species. A division she, herself, works to enforce, mind you.

I’ll be frank: you pull that game, I’m going to have to call BS. What, Red wants to lead a revolution? She smacks of either an apologist, a self-serving rebel trying and failing to patronize the Earth Dragons’ newest leader into servitude for her own agenda, or possibly someone so naive and idiotic that she can be a sycophant for the wicked Queen and that just be the end of it. But then, Red REEKS of being a glorified toady and shoe-in after the Queen rather foolishly exiled her own Lightning Guard, which again points firmly to Obscura desperately trying to enforce a new power system where SHE alone gets to breed and callously/cruelly uses her own daughter as a weapon to beat the Dragons into subservience while she burns off rebellious Earth Dragons in a pointless war against equally glorified mud-hut dwellers, the Tigers.

And then there’s dear little Saph, the horny numbskull. Hope she likes being a Fire Dragon’s bitch and cats paw, but hey, she seems eager enough to twerk that glorious ass, so I’ll watch and laugh with a little twist of malice in my beady little eyes.

Let me see it would not be two sides of a civil war first it will be three others will side with oscura others will side with eone and others will side with sobrana three sides going against each other well if eoene saw that kilani was innocent she will try to convince the tigers that not all dragons are evil the same with tigers that are bad well here is a philosophy will the tiger allied with eoene maybe sombrana and oscura no way . well it is like a comparison game i played star wars empire at war oscura galactic empire communism rule with an iron fist eoene rebels where dragons and tigers unite to fight for freedom and justice . and sombrana zan cortisum a syndicate of mercenaries that wants to rule with an iron fist too.

I’m sure some of this has been covered by others, but here’s some counter-arguments, basing on the real-world’s economy, and story-backing.

First being, Red wants the earth dragons to prove themselves to the crown. Good theory, but the only known way is to be part of the war. Winning it is the only thing Oscura cares about, to the point of weaponizing her daughter. Eone has already said none of her race wants to be part of it, because of the devastation it would bring. Therefore, since they refuse to be part of the war, means no way to earn status. Red does say that they can be of use elsewhere, however, but they are already involved in very important work.

Second, Earth dragons are an extremely vital part of their society, a cornerstone if you will. No mining means no stone or metal, no farming means no food or medicine, and no builders mean no infrastructure. Sure, other dragons could learn, but it would take far longer to learn the techniques on how to do it, which would need an Earth teacher, and then put learning into practice, which in some cases is dangerous to non-earth. As for no one seeing them, I’m sure the grocers and pharmacies see them often, as do most of the population when they work at construction sites, or in the market. As for no one caring, if they suddenly stopped making deliveries, it would put others out of a job; like the non-military fire dragons like Xhianil whose job was a cook before the crisis.

Third, the fire dragons have always had it good. Schaddig has always been one of Oscura’s personal counsel of four, along with Chiara and Sombrana (though someone else, probably Red, has that spot now). Even when Sombrana was in a place of power and the lightning dragons were not exiled, the fire dragons were still part of the favored. Lightning and Fire are combatants, and the war against the tigers has gone on “longer than anyone remembers”. Therefore, as long as the Tigers are still furry and flammable, those two clans have the ‘prestigious’ job of trying to annihilate them.

Lastly, Saph’s bordering on being a lost cause. Against all logic to the contrary, she still sees Red as this paragon of justice and greatness. About the only thing that might change her mind is finding Red directly ordered Meta to be imprisoned and magic-nullified. Even then, it’s a slim chance, since she’s blinded by her idolization.

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