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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Looks like Eone made some good points here. Will Lady Red have a rebuttal? Stay tuned…

In other news, I’ve decided that there will not be a 2019 Draconia Chronicles Calendar. This was due largely to the theme I’d picked out turning out not to be as viable as I’d thought and it’s too late to start over on something new. I do still want to do something special for the twentieth anniversary of the first calendar’s release in late 1999, so maybe in late 2019, I’ll have something cool to show off. We’ll see how things go. In the meantime, the time that normally gets eaten up each fall for calendar production can instead be dedicated to working on the comic, which is what I hope you all are coming back for with each new page. Otherwise, you’d have to wait a lot longer for each new page. Everyone wins! ^__^

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support on Patreon!



Using the word ‘murdered’ with a tiger? You think that would be epically shocking!

Scapegoated priestess of earth and conspricted earth dragons help to change opinion about earth dragons as a whole? “Interesting” methods you choose miss Red. And this tired expression like “nothing serious happend” not help.

I’d hardly call it “scapegoating,” when Meta didn’t seem to have a problem implicating herself in a stupid attempt to act macho. And Red wouldn’t need to conscript them if Eone hadn’t been so difficult and lent her some of the dragons that actually wanted to be part of the military in the first place. Quite frankly I can’t blame Red for having a exasperated expression after all the crap she’s been though.

That is sad that I can’t reply to your comment before on page 431 and on this page right now, but just now let me tell you something Dreamer Dragon.

“I’d hardly call it “scapegoating,” when Meta didn’t seem to have a problem implicating herself in a stupid attempt to act macho.”

If you say about that Meta saying “That volcano can erupt again you know?” she just say that it’s anger of goddess, it’s not damn threat at all. Of course that earth dragons may can do this is strong point, but consider the fact that earth dragons are damn PACIFISTS! They can’t do this monstrous act and call themselves pacifists afterward. If you bring that, suspection that earth dragons do this fall apart very quickly, not to mention that volcano may erupt on NATURAL CAUSES. If after all, plan of Red be “cage Meta then protect her and earth dragons on trial” like Ace Attorney style just silly.

By the way I consider this scapegoating because of this:

“And Red wouldn’t need to conscript them if Eone hadn’t been so difficult and lent her some of the dragons that actually wanted to be part of the military in the first place.”

You seriosly says this to people dude? You say this after that:


Eone literally says to lady Red that she can consprict who want to be with her mission! Eone be herself not want be a part of it. And about defensive role, earth dragons already in this role before lady Red starts helping if you not notice.

If you say about Saph this get very interesting. You not consider that maybe Eone care about Saph and Meta? And this “ranting” about Saph may be sign that Eone try to save Saph from fate same as Flare? Flare is friend of Xhianil and get killed in single blow by Kess, there are no “glorious battle” there are painful death. And about “Saph goes she is a big girl and is capable of making her own choices”, Saph is innocently-insensitive and her choice may be not the best. Eone hit anvil of crap again after saying that may Saph is being used by Red and this may be stong point you know. An expression Saph make here says that this point not bring happiness to Saph too. Also about self-defence, Saph self-defending herself in first case (when Kenzi attack her) but in second (Ennek) she is not and begin murderous chase. And dear Mr. Dreamer Dragon Eone didn’t see that Saph is defending herself, she felt that tiger is slabbed and not see exactly what happend.

“Quite frankly I can’t blame Red for having a exasperated expression after all the crap she’s been though.”

All characters in this comic walk through path of crap Mr. Dreamer Dragon: especially Xhianil, Kilani, Chiara and maybe Lumina/Chuki in future. I must say that if Red saying to Eone whatever plans she have in head she may avoid that crap and Eone be more cooperative, but no of course why she bother explain her actions to person who give her trust. And it seems on this page lady Red finally put out “skeletons in closet” and explain everything what she planning to Eone!
I hope that explains everything and put on light something we didn’t know otherwise I begin treat Red like very crappy person.

Also Mr. Dreamer Dragon you know that I also had enough with crap like “Eone is childish, boo”, I the person who try to be neutral and justify every character. People don’t notice some interesting details and begin treat characters like a joke. And for example I didn’t like what queen Oscura or lady Red do, but I await something that can justify them like I mentioned above that “Red finally begin share a point”.

PS It seems that Civil War can be started here than in comic 😛

As an addendum to your already well-stated and extensive counterpoint, the long and the short of it is thus.

Eone feels she’s been wronged and is stressing her grievances to the commander of their mission. A bit forceful mayhaps, but thorough. Honestly somewhat surprised Gaia hasn’t been brought up, considering she was Eone’s forewoman, possibly friend.

Meta said what she did, not as a threat, but as a warning. She can (or could) sense the goddess’ will, being of the priesthood class. She was warning the fire dragons about the dangers of angering a deity, not threatening to cause another crisis. By canceling her magic, fhe crown fulfilled her warnings. Heaven can probably tell when a line disconnects.

Saph doesn’t want to think differently of her idol, despite hearing Eone’s speech. Too young and naive to learn when someone else has her better interest in mind. One would think her mother would teach her this.

Red is nothing but a pawn in the bigger game. She follows orders, whether moral or not, as long as she can keep her job. She operates on conjecture at best, and blames those under her for wrongdoing, regardless of fault. Oscura pulls her strings, shifting military power where needed. Whereas Cinder on the other hand, while loyal, can think and decide things for herself, such as with Kilani.

PS Not the first time a civil war has started among fans, and probably not the last.

“Red is nothing but a pawn in the bigger game. She follows orders, whether moral or not, as long as she can keep her job. She operates on conjecture at best, and blames those under her for wrongdoing, regardless of fault.”

There I’m disagree. Red shown like competent leader and leader who actually cares about her subjects. She actually a smart person. It’s recent actions of Red cause “WTF” in regards of earth dragons and what she say to Eone before going to mission to capture Kilani. It’s seems that Red hides something from Eone and it’s be said by queen Oscura to Red. As I already say if lady Red share her point before mission Eone and her group may be more cooperative and this saved a lot of trouble.

Who truly cause “WTF” it is Oscura. She accuses earth dragons in what volcano did and Eone saying every goddamn time that they are pacifists. This action would be not only cruel but stupid from earth dragons part, because if they harm dragon population (children include) they can’t not longer themselves pacifists, not to mention Razorfox not show any “earth rebels” who sabotage and activate volcano. It’s truly shocking that queen or closed to her throne not acknowledged that. Seems like every dragon and tiger wear “Band of mighty shortsight” sometimes.

That pedestal Eone is on must have a pretty nice view. But then again with how selfish Eone has been threw this entire ordeal I guess having her see things from another point of view is beyond her.
First of all of course there was a chance of there being a fight, it be foolish to expect otherwise. That still doesn’t change the fact that the Earth dragons were there for defense only. Meta being arrested was her own dame fault as it is just beyond stupid to threaten another volcanic event when not only has not been that long since the cataclysm, but also the amount of lives lost and the fact that there might still be some suspicion that the earth dragons were responsible. And funny how Eone talked about loosed trust since Red stuck her neck out for the Earth dragons trying to convince the queen that they weren’t responsible and that they needed them. And not only does Eone leave Red out in the cold when Red needed help from them, but then the acts like a spoiled brat and tries to undermine her, but also has Meta implicate herself by implying that the Earth dragon might have been involved despite Red backing them.
As fare as Saph goes she is a big girl and is capable of making her own choices. She wanted to help despite Eone doing everything she can to try and make the mission fail for her own petty grudge. Though funny that a dragon would call killing a tiger murder, the act itself was a act of self defense.
I’m not entirely sure what the queen thinks of Eone, but if it’s that she’s a selfish and disruptive as her mother then she isn’t entirely wrong.

Ha! Actually a funny thing that someone says that Eone is selfish and considering that Oscura not called cruel or monstrous at all after her actions is disturbing a little. I’m not take “discussion stick” because I’m tired a bit of always prove point about Eone. But if you’re desire Dreamer Dragon I can continue prove the point. But right now I’m just saying if you’re new here Dreamer Dragon then “dig deeper” and you found some interesting details about characters. If you’re there from beginning I’m must question you. How you are read the comic or how much you know about calendar series and a whole plot of comic?

Uh Have you forgotten what the queen is like She is crazy I do not think eone is being selfish she cares about her people . Well eone has a choice she can later start her own group rebel get the there dragon eggs exspecially gaias who is another dragon queen than get out of the nursery fight of the guards with other dragons who don’t value oscuras rule leave the city Find the males and remate again and start another dragon civilization way far off north if the light say there better than the fire lightning water and earth they can do the reconstructing of there city with out the earth dragons .

What’s this? An update within 10 days? I’ll remember that this can’t be the standard but it’s very nice 🙂

It’s not the norm these days, but the character art was relatively simple on this one and the backgrounds and props–which generally eat up most of the production time–are all recycled from the last couple pages and it saved me a lot of time. You and I both won here! ^__^

Holy fudge, how many years has it been since i last visited this site… i’ve missed the story so! waaaaaait a second, did the art style change? when did it come more… i dunno.. fluid?… might not be the right word… their faces look more alive for some reason. either way, yay i’m back! And thanks for continuing on Razorfox!

Welp, my day has is now officially made! Thanks so much for the kind words! ^__^

The art style is simply the product of ongoing artistic evolution. I’ve recently deliberately started making the characters’ faces a little more cartoony, though, in an effort to broaden the range of emotions they can show. This has resulted in bigger eyes, eyebrows with a wider range of motion, and mouths that can change size as needed. I’m really happy with how expressive this has made my characters, and I’m so happy that you noticed it! Welcome back, my fellow Draconiac!

D’aaw, you’re making me blush! I’m usually never capable of seeing these things, but as Cinder is my favorite character, and Saph is just a bundle of extreme enthusiasm with an everchanging face, i couldn’t help but notice it after rereading enough xD. And since i don’t like to send random emails, i will give thanks for the ‘you know what’ here. Thank you, and may the muses of art be with ye~.

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