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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here with the first new page of 2019. Happy new year!

Has Lady Red‘s message hit its mark with Eone? Stay tuned…

There’s more to come soon along with some new additions to the Draconia Chronicles Patreon! Details to come. Thanks for your continued support!

Take care my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Eone doesn’t seem too moved by Red’s story, but Saph on the other hand does.
This defiantly sheds some more light on just why Red works so hard besides just her reputation being on the line. She’s got her entire race to look out for, and a past of being on the minority shit list that she doesn’t want repeating. And while all this fighting between the different elemental dragons makes me wonder how anything gets done! Its a sad fact of life for all cultures.

Actually Eone is shaken by the Red’s story since she pacifistic dragon by her character and actually hear right now that fire dragons are abused in past too. If you think that after hearing something like this Eone going into “childish” outburst you’re wrong Dreamer Dragon.

Eone hardly looks shaken up, her expression has barley changed since the story started. Though Eone may not go back to full brat mode just yet, you can tell that Red’s words defiantly gave saph more to think about than Eone. Also I always find it funny how Eone calming pacifism usually when it best suites her own ends.

You always need to accuse Eone that she is selfish? Her expression is indeed change, not rather drastically as Saph’s but it is visible that she begin think about it. Eone not stupid nor selfish, she just more emotional and she actually have right to be pissed off. First thing Red doesn’t bother explain her actions in the start (conspriction, her plan for earth dragons to gain favor). Second thing sudden accustation of Meta in what volcano or goddess did and eventually destroing her status as priestess. Explain how with this Red help earth dragons? And by the way I’m against war and ending where one side (tigers or dragons) complitely obliterated. Joining of earth dragons into war or servitude bring very sad consequences. Comic already very dark and Saph not understand that she can be killed by vengeful tigers and that bring not happy thoughts at all.

Wow, I don’t know that water dragons such jerks in the past, this is explains why there no love between fire and water clan. Red speech explain many things about her and fire dragons situation and position, but it’s still doesn’t explain why Red accuse Meta in crimes and outsrtip her magic and lock her up. What her plan exactly about it? And it seems my theory about that Red get her respect by killing one of tiger loyalty or bringing her to queen and then queen kills her and now this white tiger is decoration of wall. I hope Kilani not end up like this :'(

And it seems neither Red or Eone is shaken at all by strange tiger (Kilani), which called “monster”, that instead of putting up fight surender and ask not harm her allies and not trying even harm a dragons, what the heck ladies.

By the way queen Spectra truly looks very young and it seems that she rules not so long. Also she is rainbow dragon?

“And it seems my theory about that Red get her respect by killing one of tiger loyalty or bringing her to queen is true. And then it obvious that queen kills her and now this white tiger is decoration of wall.”

Fixed to understand correctly.

Duh I again messed up! This is Kiriad! Why my damned head can’t remember such particular details! And more so purple hair make most obvious sign!

I think what really needs to be fixed here is the self entitlement and prejudice issues that these dragons clearly have with each other. Red does realise that the own race is practically doing the exact kind of treatment to Earth dragons as the water dragons did to them. So yes, I believe that a majority of Fire dragons enjoy their privilege and Red is either unaware of this, far too oblivious to it, or is just pulling this convenient persecution history to shut Eone up.

The main irony is it seems that whole dragon race (may tiger too) have problems with anger and attitude issues and not notice this. It also seems that radicals among them is in greater numbers in their society. It is obvious that dragon and tiger societies have problems and this actually can bite hard in their asses in possible future.

Wow i knew something was gonna happen if the dragons eradicate the tigers or the tigers slaughter the dragons it is gonna be about beliefs now you know it is interesting the dragons remind me of rome and china while the tigers reminded me of the goths and huns you know mongolians. i watched a history channel movie about the fall of rome were the goths have there tribal issues and the romans and emperor of rome have there politicul issues . it is interesting

So Obscura is utilizing Water Dragon power to first brow-beat Fire Dragons into fanatical subservience out of desperation for recognition…and in turn, Obscura is now doing THE SAME to Earth Dragons with Fire Dragons being used as the big stick of power-seizing?

Well now. Obscura is desperately collectivizing power to herself, forcing all the elements into blind desperate servitude to her now that the Males have left. To what end? Oh, I suspect power. Power as always. Cutting the heads off any other queens until only one remains…and all the little ants turn to the last survivor for all babies and power and food.

That or Red is lying out of her ass. But I keep thinking she’s NOTHING but a hollow cats-paw to Obscura, whatever else Red may think of ‘her’ accomplishments. Fire Dragons got bamboozled into desperate loyalty so they don’t have the bad days again, Lightning Dragons got expelled for being a threat to Obscura, now it’s time to break the spines of the Earth Dragons and our horrid Lady Obscura will have her lock-step empire with her daughter as the super-powered enforcer, with Tigers serving as ready-made scapegoats for whatever ploy Obscura has next.

Don’t this up, Razorfox, you have a golden opportunity for a gritty, political drama here. With deliciously ripe and curvaceous women.

Why you call queen of dragons Obscura when she is Oscura? And this indeed noticeable that some dragons try to make other not doubt leadership and all, but it’s a bit horrifying to theorise about that queen try manipulate everyone and everything. You know that this, if it be truth, shall upgrade her to Sauron level?

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