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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Based on Nurse Shynen‘s reaction to Cinder bringing Kilani into the royal infirmary, you’d think a bull had just been let loose in a china shop.  What will Cinder say to her dear friend Kighan?  Stay tuned…

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Is she just confusing germs with having a disease and is she also confusing tigers with being contagious? She should realize that as a medical professional that if tigers really were contagious creatures then a lot dragons would be sick right now.

Well, if dragon society cultivate racism and hatred toward tigers even in medicine I begin worry about Lumina and Kilani even more considering their states right now, and nurse Shynen begin shifts toward innocent bigot territory. And we see that Cinder begin see how truly racistical her society toward tigers.

Also I didn’t know how healthy tigers are in nature but I doubt that they are filthy. I know one thing that are filthy and that is champions of Nurgle. I doubt that tigers are champions of Nurgle:

Could be that tigers being germ-ridden and a danger to dragonkind is all false propaganda, at least as far as diseases go. The virii and bacteria that affect tigers may not be able to jump the species gap, making Kilani effectively harmless in all regards.

It’s possible, though with Nursh Shynen being the de facto medical professional here, I’d defer to her judgment. ^__^;

Then again, she’s relatively new, so there’s a chance she just bought into said propaganda. Or, if it’s truly believed that Kilani is diseased or a carrier in some way, could always give her a thorough bath. Can’t have Oscura sick when she’s presented Kilani

Took me this long to learn about a new page. Well, this is going to be interesting as the Queen’s trying to nuke all Tiger Memories from her Daughter’s mind and Cinder’s possibly realizing that Tigers aren’t, well, animals.

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