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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Behold the power of friendship!  But will Cinder be able to save Kilani the same way she’s saved Kighan?  Stay tuned…

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Save her from what? From Kilani killing herself? Because that’s not going to matter at this point.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Save?! Knowing about these dragons and Kilani’s fate I doubt that there will be much saving, unless spending her life in a cage is what you consider saving. But I’m curious enough to see where this will go. (Though with how this comic updates, I doubt we’ll really be knowing that answer until halfway through the year. Around the end of this year if we’re lucky. HA! No offense to you, Razor.)

None taken. I’ve been drawing for 24 years now and while I like to think my quality has improved over the years, my speed is still about the same. I’m actually running off a page backlog right now, though, and there are currently two unreleased pages that only my Patreon backers can see. They know what happens next! ~__^

Huh, it seems Kighan and Cinder not only best friends, but pretty much like sisters. Such affection fascinate me at some point.

And well, if Cinder planing save Kilani she must start with brokened state of mind of her and there is brainwashed Lumina. She can become edge of sword that deliver last blow to Kilani’s heart and mind. And it seems nobody besides Cinder interested in Kilani’s state (Red, Eone and etc).

When Cinder and Kighan were introduced about a decade ago, the series’ previous writer wanted to create a relationship between them that would keep people guessing about whether they’re romantically involved. When I inherited the writing duties, I decided to let them figure out their own relationship and it turned out like this. I like them better as close longtime friends, and it sounds like Cinder has been Kighan’s saving grace on more than one occasion.

I’m staying tuned!

I really appreciate how long you’ve kept this story going, I’ve read through many webcomics that have ended abruptly cause the Artist wanted to move on or the Artist stopped caring or the Writer stopped paying the Artist etc. Checking Draconia Chronicles has become part of my routine. As a (past) writer myself I wish I had your resolve to continue, I used to pump out literature constantly but eventually the spark faded away and I haven’t written anything in years.

Thanks so much! I can understand where you’re coming from, and for me, it helps that I just really love what I do. “Draconia Chronicles” is a project I’ve been passionate about for the past twenty years. I want to see this story get told just as much or more than just about anyone, and I think that’s one of my biggest motivations. I’m not only the creator, writer, and artist, but with all due respect to my fellow Draconiacs, I’m also its number-one fan! Thanks so much for making my little creation a part of your life! ^__^

Killing Kilani is going to make this stroy sooooooooo much more interesting than it already is. Draconia has to be one of the most well written webcomics ive ever read….Seriously. This comic is flawless.

Killing Kilani not make story “Interesting”, it make story more edgy and dark. Out there in this comic already be in place genocidal war and good characters died or be fated to much worse. Of course it may be your opinion that this makes story better, but actual death of Kilani cause more gruesome outcome than you expected. I assume that she must stay alive because it make story interesting in the way that we may finally see interactions of queen of dragons Oscura and Kilani.

Also “One tiger get into hearts of racistic dragons and make them believing into possibility of peace amongst dragons and tigers” may sound optimistic, puny believable and very hard to achieve I guess, but this makes interesting story too if written right. I hope RazorFox chosing this way.

I was wondering are we gonna see gaias daughter later on is eone gonna raised her T-T

If that storyline is explored, would be more interesting seeing her being raised by Meta, in their religion, even though Meta lost her connection from her goddess. Raising the next priestess to replace her. Almost makes sense, since Gaia’s formal wear includes a mark much like what we can assume is Luasa.

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