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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Looks like Kilani and Cinder are hugging it out.  Will Cinder give into the urge to return the favor?  Stay tuned…

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So all the cards for Kilani are laid on the table. Her ultimate goal was for Chuki to become a messenger of peace for both side. To finally end this mindless cycle of killing. And now Kilani says she’s ready to die because she sees it from the queen’s point of view. Too bad she doesn’t know that Chuki had all her happy memories with her foster mother replaced with lies. I agree with other readers that the queen going to brainwashing right off the bat twice with her own child shows an unhealthy attitude.
Though this leave a question… if Queen Oscura died, if Chuki got her REAL memories back and ended up on the throne… how long would she last? Even if she didn’t say ‘tigers are our friends now’ but said simply “let’s focus on infrastructure for now” IE, lay off on killing tigers “for now” and focus on reforms… are there any dragons who could step in and try to take the throne for themselves? Oscura seems to have set up a system where things would fall apart without her, there is no one left who could challenge her and take her place, which secures her power, but also threatens the long term of her civilization.

Maybe this situation can go without killing queen Oscura? We all know even in history of humanity that child ruler don’t last long in power and end up marionette of influential figure or get thrown out. Maybe if queen Oscura will wish to know how exactly Kilani “kidnap” her daughter and Kilani’s true story is find out Oscura may have change of mind. We don’t exactly know how dragon empire works by the way and have tiny bits of it’s inner social structure. I hope that queen Oscura get interested in Kilani story of things and may reconsider her wish to revenge on Kilani. If not then I guess queen Oscura no better than cruel rulers or petty tyrants and sided with Eone’s perspective about Oscura.

Meanwhile, Pyra uncomfortably as she watches the above exchange through a small crack in the door, growing more concerned by the second.

Well Queen Oscura has been amazingly generous with how she’s been treating Kilani when you consider what she had done to others who have gotten on her bad side. Maybe it won’t be so bad. I mean the only reason her child is alive is because of Kilani. But at the same time, this is rather unnerving if the Queen still has ill intent intended for Kilani. For a last meal, the Queen is being incredably civil about it.

This is one of most sad things I’m seen in the comic. Cruel irony that Lumina (Chuki) even don’t remember that one particular tiger is kind now. Her poor head filled with racistic hateful lies and strong love for queen Oscura now (I guess). And this is seems that inside Cinder is fighting her inner duty and heart and if Cinder ever dare free Kilani she can go to jail or worse, that’s just sad. I hope they find a way from this situation. I dearly hope.

Also sudden “bear hug” from Kilani is so sudden.

Along the same vein as some other comments about the true story about how Kilani got Chuki’s egg being told and also mentions of Gaia’s daughter out there somewhere, I have a theory-slash-idea.

What if Kilani is spared by Oscura, once she finds out that someone she considered a mother figure to trust Kilani enough to hand over the egg freely. But, since Oscura can’t just part with her daughter, Gaia’s is allowed to go with Kilani instead. The girl’s mother rebelled against the dragon way, as Kilani rebelled against the tiger way. They continue rebelling against the war together as Gaia’s spirit watches on, seeing her child safe, maybe giving guidance from beyond.

Outside that, great page as always. Hope Cinder helps Kilani in some way. Emotions can dictate actions sometimes, called a conscience and sense of morality. Transcends species.

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