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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Ah, yes, the magic of the old “clover patch” song.  And do we have a party crasher in the room?  Stay tuned…

…in June!  This page marks the end of Chapter Seven.  I’m going to take a few weeks off for a little vacation and the comic should resume in late June-ish.  Be sure to be back for that.  In the meantime, enjoy this moment that I’m sure a lot of you have been pining for!  Hope it was worth the wait!

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!



So the first instance of a dragon and a tiger getting romantically intimate, and they decide to do so in the middle of the Queens privet loft? I know Kilani’s got nothing left to lose but Cinder’s choosing a rather poor time to experiment, not that any one here is complaining but seriously priorities ladies.

Got to love Kilani’s reaction. ” Ah well gonna die tomorrow anyways. Might as well.” Wonder how old Queeny’s gonna react? Because I’m positive Obscura is gonna go sifting through Kilani’s memories of her daughter. What’s gonna happen when she sees that the Captain of the Royal Guard sang the Clover Patch Song … a Tiger?!?!

Just when things couldn’t possibly get anymore more complicated, this happens. “A dragon never lets her emotions dictate her actions” is really starting to sound like a bullshit saying amongst these dragons. It’s almost as if these guys aren’t as in control of their own instincts or feelings as they believe themselves to have at all.

Even if it is just another mistranslation joke, I for one definitely support this shipping. They’re both great characters, and have shown affection for each other on several occasions. Tonight should nice for them, and if Fate smiles on Kilani to where she isn’t killed, a proper relationship could come out of it.

Sounds like they’re counting on it being a one-night stand. Otherwise, things could get awkward.

Just another thing Kilani has to hide, and maybe the first thing for Cinder. If they can keep it secret successfully, things could work out fine for a more steady thing. Cinder accepts her feelings that she likes a tiger, and Kilani likes a dragon beyond Chuki.

Wow, just wow. Didn’t expect that sorta thing to happen. God damn why dragon lullaby sound like mating song to tiger anyway? That get a lot more dangerous now for both of them, but it’s truly surprising to see that Cinder even not against it. And now in history of Draconia Kilani become the first tiger to bang a dragon and Cinder become first dragon to bang a tiger.

Also it seems Shaleigh can’t quit spying after everyone and I almost all time suspect that she may kidnap Lumina for her own goals after queen Oscura thrown her out.

Y’know I keep thinking about this page, even while I’m at work. I’m just such a sucker for sudden romances, bonus points for there being taboo or prior prejudices supposedly impeding the way. I used to get lost in romance novels as a teen and this crap, this is like a romance novel now. Is there going to be a scene transition/time skip or will the incoming love scene be depicted?

Kinda cracks me up how the “mating song” turns out to be the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! OMG that’s hilarious. Could have been literally anything, but you chose that one. Might be a bit dragonish of me, but its hard to see how that could get the juices flowing! I do so approve of the result, though. If they’re going to be interrupted, it better turn into a 3-way! Maybe, once the memory of this “gets out”, the dragons are going to be hunting tigers for a VERY different reason. That song’s going to be real popular out on patrol!

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