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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here. Welcome to your new home for The Draconia Chronicles, the aptly-named!

So it looks like Cinder and Kilani have worked their way into a rather compromising situation, though not nearly as compromised as what Shaleigh appears to have gotten herself into. And who the hell is Coneen?

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Are you sure this is a new site? It kinda looks almost the exact same way the Katbox version looked like. What was wrong with Studio Khimera?

Oh joy. We come back from dealing with a horny earth dragon to a shifty fox watching a lion and a dragon getting it on— Something is seriously wrong with this comic, I swear.

Something’s wrong with horny people? o_O

Foxes exist in this comic! Remember that?! It’s not just tigers and dragons. It’s foxes, tigers and dragons, oh my!

A lot to mention.
>New site, back to how it should be, now without overhead.
>The ‘ship’ makes canonical sense. Both are endearing themselves to the other the way their races know.
Tigers by direct action: Kilani physically protecting Cinder in the fight, and Dragons by indirect action: Cinder making an effort to learn her language and communicate.
>Lastly, the Coneen mystery. Could still be a tiger, as their profiles are similar, or a different Panthera subtype. Or, if a new species, a different fox breed than Shaleigh, or a different canid.

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