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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

It looks like Ennek‘s thrilled to see her beloved nieces again, but what’s with the awkwardness toward her sister Tshila? Stay tuned…

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!

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Since Ennek’s reacting the way she is to seeing her younger sister pregnant again, guessing she hasn’t been home in a while. Not sure which gestation you use, actual tiger or human, guessing somewhere in the range of 3-9 months, respectively. Also means her nieces have probably grown quite a bit, and nice to see they idolize her so much. She needs some familial comfort after dealing with everything so far.

Yup, I knew it! x3 One of her wishes was to have Aunt Ennek back! Omg they admire her so much, it’s so cute :’33.

Too bad Tshila is the object of Ennek’s envy when it comes to having kids. The good part is that Ennek can get plenty of practice being the Best Aunt Ever™ And oof, Aika being right behind Ennek as she struggles to hide her feelings about it. Yeah, all comes back around to what Ennek wanted to have with Roh. All those reminders surrounding her. It’s okay, sweety, don’t let it getcha down!

I also did not expect Ennek to be the elder sister :0 Tshila came off as the elder to me for some reason.

Congratulations Razor. You’ve managed build an emotional connection the reader and just about every character in the comic thus far. Whoever bites the dust next will successfully rip my heart out and I might cry. But whoever dies will be COMPLETELY unpredicted.

by the way, i noticed 2 things about your little draconia chrionicles bar thingie with those characters. first, how do the fire dragons have fire on their fingers if they only breathe it, and you technially pre introduced cinder before she had her first appearence. also, where is my promised scene with kilani and cinder?!

Howdy! To answer your questions, the Fire Dragons are actually seldom shown breathing fire. They can produce it from anywhere on their person though usually it’s shown coming from their hands. As for Cinder, she first appeared back on page 119 which was published back in 2008. For that matter, none of the characters in the header graphic appeared even on page 1. Lady Red first appeared on page 3 in 2005, Kess on page 143 in 2009, and Kilani on page 11 in 2005. By this point, I would hope all four of those characters have been well established. ^__^

And as for Kilani and Cinder, didn’t you see page 459? ~__^

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