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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

The biggest of the big cats is back in the main story, but will Scyde be open to what Rula and Naisha have to say? Stay tuned…

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!

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I can Of feel with scyde on that I do that sometimes in the middle of the night of past issues reading a ninjutsue training book and learning a few moves here and there But I was kind of disapointed of scyde killing my favorite character and elektra she is a fool letting go of sombrana than gaia which gaia posed not a threat . sombrana is a big issue oh well I will let fate decide .

Haven’t seen Scyde in ages. Also looks like she got a new design. She’s looking good.

The big “change” was simply having her tie her bangs back. She wanted a clear view of her target here. ^__^

True. But didn’t she have black hair instead of being a brunette? She also seems buffer from previous appearances too.
Not a complaint, mind you. I prefer this style over the older version.

The hair color is a result of the lighting here and a change in how I ink her hair. As for her physique, that’s an interesting observation. Wonder if there’s a reason behind that…

Hmm… I dunno. Being an artist myself, I don’t think the lighting would make normally black hair look like that. Wouldn’t it make her black stripes look lighter as well?
Criticisms aside, I do think she looks better as a brunette. And the way her hair is tied back like just suits the rest of her design.
As for her physique. She’s clearly been eating her Frosted Flakes. They’re GRRRRRRRREAT!

I think what you’re seeing is the lighting. The golden-orange light from the torch gives the non-solid black parts of her a golden tint, making her look a bit more of a brunette in this scene. Her hair used to be filled in with solid black but I found I could do more with shading and lighting on it if I used a dark gray instead, and that means that ambient lighting will give her hair some different hues. Her Majesty Queen Oscura is also officially black-skinned, but if I went solid black with her, she’d be a silhouette, and thus she’s actually a deep gray. Same with Scyde’s hair, though, like Oscura’s scales, her hair’s still officially black. I’ve made it a point recently to try to challenge myself with new techniques to create certain atmospheres in the comic, and this is what happens when the scene is lit by a single torch. Thanks for noticing!

And here’s the Unit™! Also, traitors? Geez, Scyde, they only agreed with Kes about the MAIN CAMP not being able to defend a single helpless tiger named Kilani. Scyde’s real hard to read for me, so it’s difficult to tell what she’ll decide. About as difficult as deciding whether or not getting a battalion to support Kess for Kilani’s rescue would be a worthy risk to take.

“Smell of a pair of Traitors “, doesn’t sound like he is going to even listen to the Girls.

Better hope she doesn’t treat them like the “Illiktrah” doll!

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