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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Will we soon see a certain big cat with a big chip on her muscly shoulder? Stay tuned…

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Naisha is making sense. Don’t kill if you don’t have to, doesn’t make anything better. Ennek’s philosophy must be getting to her. Yet the group is going to the homicidal Scyde, someone known to kill anything with scales indiscriminately. Aika must not believe what she said if they’re going to her.

Homicidal or not, she’s the one in charge. Think of it as Naisha demanding to see the manager.

Unless there was a power shift, figured Kiriad was still in charge, and she’d be easier to convince with the philosophy of don’t kill everything.
Any possibility that Scyde is a carryover from the previous regime? She and Shiraz seem to have similar outlook towards the dragons.

Why she has to plead her Case to Scyde for? He is a quadruped beastial sounding Tiger.

Aw shit now things are getting saucy. Its not always the cleanest missions from what ive seen b4 but Scyde gets the job DONE. Kiriad is getting played and I smell an internal struggle when her situation boils over. Also I sense Tamsyn is gonna get the spotlight back for a bit. Shaleighs got DIRT and Cinders livelihood may be at stake. Shes drawn so well too. Saph is open for manipulation and Meta is open to be used as leverage or an ultimatum. Eone seems complacent because it means the advancement of civil rights for the earth dragons. Im just speculating but theres SO much that can happen here. Xianhils promotion. Fueganas recovery. Kighans feeling of betrayal or aid to stand up for her friend. Kess Riah and Shies Failure/Success on freeing Kilani or Naishas success in Scyde leading a team/ battalion for kilanis aid and that getting bungled and creating something noone can ever GUESS. The potential for loss, gain drama, heartbreak, closure and more is ALL THERE lol. Draconia Chronicles is the most unpredictable webcomic Ive ever read and if you every get the money for some high quality animation or some sick nasty live action /CGI I hope you get it with full creative control. Also whenever you decide to drop a full hardback copy of your volumes ill definitel be a buyer. I love this comic. It really keeps my interest.

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