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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Will it be another lonely night for Roh? Stay tuned…

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!

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Oh… :/ Oh man. This is why perception skews the truth, folks! I know this isn’t the whole story surrounding what happened when Aika came along and said Roh was hers only. There’s still the reason and motivation behind it. What kind of a place was Aika in when she did that? Why did she do it? Why did Roh agree, especially since he seemed to like Ennek? And what about the rest of the girls in Roh’s former harem? :0 how do *they* feel about all this?

Sorry for the fixation, but this is one of the juciest plot bits in the story to me xD I consider it an interesting thing to focus on besides the upcoming battles and stuff.

Also, Roh is SO CLOSE to getting some “quality time” from someone else, hooboy!

So since the Males of the Species are feral formed and unable to speak, is it safe to assume they’re also simple minded? It would explain why he changes Mates easily.

Think of the Star Wars language for the Wookiees, Shyriiwook. It sounds like a combination of noises, but they’re actually speaking in a sophisticated way. The female tigers understand their males like Han Solo understands Chewbacca. Though in this case, they can say names to a degree, but the rest is a biological deficit.

As much as the hints in the past suggest otherwise, not entirely convinced that he’s going after Raz or any other, including Ennek.
He sees Aika’s welt and immediately believes it to be Raz, making him angry. Almost saying “her again?!”. Suggests animosity towards Raz.
As for Ennek, Aika’s still the “younger model” and since he hasn’t gone after anyone else in the old harem, nothing suggests he’d go after her now.
All in all, still seems happy to be solo with Aika.

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