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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Did Ennek just stumble upon a bargaining chip against Tshila? Stay tuned…

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!

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As I warned, a lot to unpack here.
Ever the strategist, Tshila’s using the “good of tiger-kind” as a tactic to get her way. That’s still forcing Ennek, no matter how it’s phrased. And forced consent has terrible implications, especially in this case of sexual coercion.
In plain terms, if she agrees, she’s saying if Ennek finally gets to mating (doing what she really doesn’t want to, and being forced to), Tshila authorizes the rescue of Kilani from almost certain death. Not before. (Which implies she can authorize any military deployment, outside of Kiriad’s say-so.)
Ennek may want to talk it over with the others first and seriously think about it, since the others already have an order from Kiriad herself to go, with a battalion led by Scyde, and without Ennek having to sacrifice her body “for the cause”. Not to mention whatever’s budding between her and Naisha. She may not want Ennek to go through with it. Has shown to be protective of her lately.
Hate to see what Tshila does to others if she’s doing this to her own sister…

All good points, though Ennek appears to be the first one to even mention the battalion request in this particular conversation. So who exactly is leveraging whom here?

And one more thing. From where I’m looking, one of three things happens.
>Tshila agrees, simultaneously going around Kiriad’s authority and her sister’s wants.
>She disagrees, restoring faith that she has her sister’s best interests still at heart.
>Or, the others come to collect Ennek for the war party already authorized before Tshila has a chance to answer, letting us question her leanings.

Sojourner’s insightful, as always. I agree that Tshila using that phrasing to try and convince her sister to mate already is underhanded, but it’s balanced out by an equally underhanded tactic on Ennek’s part. Fight fire with fire. I wonder if Ennek is still going to try her hand at winning back Roh, to see if she can’t kill two birds with one stop on top of supporting Kess in her quest to free Kilani. Hell, maybe three stones if that actually works and Tshila stops getting on Ennek’s case xD. It *could* be a win-win for Ennek either way, if Tshila agrees.

Heehee, I keep giggling at Tshila’s face in the first panel tho. The face that says, “^_^ Well, *duh* silly!”

Thanks, I always try to give insight beyond the surface matters if I can, and you seem to have reasonable insights as well.

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