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Has Mabel given Tam’syn something to think about? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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She does realize what she’s saying is effectively treason in times of war right? The state does take kindly to anyone taking the side of the enemy in ANYTHING. How is she still alive with voice such attitudes?

She’s technically not taking a side, she’s at most sympathizing with their opponents motivations. This War has been ongoing for generations now, the initial cause has been skewed and lost to time and now it’s just one big back and forth of prejudice.

We’ve heard deserter and traitor thrown around quite a bit lately, seems more and more are realizing peace may be a viable option.
Something Mabel doesn’t seem to regret choosing, and considering Raz followed her at some point, may have taught her similar ideals in their time together.

Seeing Mabel in her younger years is almost jarring, she looks so different! Oof, even blamed for Queen Shiraz’s shortcomings. I would love to see Mabel expand a little bit on the very last panel :3

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