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Is the ever-confident and war-ready Scyde going from loyal to doubtful? Stay tuned…

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Scyde’s rather simple. Doesn’t question orders, kills without reason, and learned nothing from Mabel except where the pointy end of the weapon goes. Not the philosophy of conscience.
Guess that’s why Kiriad keeps her in her position. Completely blind loyalty, and deaf to any logic, even her own. Despite Tshila’s flaws seen so far, hopefully she can put Kiriad’s plan into question where Scyde won’t.

In the description, “Follow The Draconia Chronicles on Twitter!” links to which doesn’t have anything there. The “RazorFox” above it links to

Yipes, I totally missed that! The Twitter handle should be @DraconiaComic without the underscore. The RazorFox account is correct because some assclown got “@RazorFox” before I did, so I had to settle for @RazorFoxDV, with the last two letters representing my initials. Thanks so much for catching that!

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