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Looks like Her Majesty Queen Oscura didn’t want to wait until morning. Is Kilani‘s fate sealed? Stay tuned…

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I’m interested in seeing just how this group of inquisitors will react if they ever discover that Kilani was more of a mother than monster any day, If I remember correctly mind reading is in the realm of possibility for light dragons right? My only guess for why Oscura is keeping Kilani alive is so she has the opportunity to take a peek into her mind, ya know so she can fully grasp the atrocities committed by this “monster”.

Boy is she in for a surprise.

I can’t help but think Oscura plans to provide herself some closure, before executing Kilani, which means it’s possible just as Newguy said that Oscura will look into Kilani’s mind and find those missing six years. She’ll also find out the truth about what happened when Kilani took Lumina’s egg from Azure, who *offered* it to Kilani with the final words, “Show them.”

Kilani will show them, certainly, one way or another.

Azure offered it to Kilani? I don’t remember this, when was this?

This is super old lore, like before the comic was even made lore. Specifically, the 2002 calendar spread which detail the background for why Oscura has beef with Kilani.

Since no one but Oscura and Cinder speak tiger (that I’m aware of), Cinder is Kilani’s only hope here, and she’s sick by unknown means.
Could’ve been an Oscura plan to take out the defense, or a plan of the third, unknown party. Rig the trial in the crown’s favor.
Also, couple folks make good points here in the comments, Oscura can alter minds, so can probably read them. She’s looking for tortures to Lumina, but will find quite the opposite.

When Kilani first arrived at the palace, Lady Schaddig addressed her in Tigerian, so there may be others.

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