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The confrontation draws near! What’s Kilani in for? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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And that look in her eyes in that last panel, you don’t know if she looks that way because she’s just that sick… or some part of her is sicken at the dissonance of ‘the monster’ being a foster mother who just wanted to bring about peace.

And Kilani, just doesn’t want to be rescued, even if all her guards died around her, she’d still march to her death without a second thought. And she doesn’t even know all her daughter’s memories of her have been replaced with lies. (Seriously, you think if the queen really had that kinda access to indoctrination, she’d use it on uppity earth dragons, light dragons asking too many questions, rowdy fire dragons, and all around be able to remove all of the cracks we see in the system the rules themselves under.)

Of course, the war isn’t being fought as effectively as everyone thinks it is, if a small army of tigers can march straight into the capital and even GET CLOSE ENOUGH to even TRY to raid the palace.

I honestly wonder if the dragons are crippled from inner caste struggles. And loyalty trumps competency in who gets promoted.

She’s set up to violate all those security protocols before the council is released to enact them.
While she may remember the infirmary location, or able to rely on Cinder to guide her, still could run into anyone in the halls before the guards reach their posts, or be allowed to pass due to her carrying their captain.
Might even find Lumina on accident due to mother’s intuition.

The pair are in quite a pickle… Here’s my two cents…

With Queen Oscura’s court ready to receive the “monster” after taking all the precautions and Scyde’s warriors marching straight to her front door, Kilani and Cinder find themselves in a compromising situation. With the fire dragoness ill after their recent fling and too weak to walk on her own, Kilani has taken the role of carry-all. Literally. Kilani is already in a bad spot with Oscura and if the two are caught it will only make things worse for her and could turn the dragon queen’s favor against Cinder if and when she finds out about what happened between them.

The pair are in position to be in the crossfire of either one side or the other. Or worse BOTH.

And what of Cinder’s illness? Symptoms include: Congestion, Headache, Irritated throat, Vomiting, Weakness. This reminded me of that page where one dragon had her inner flame nearly extinguished after a fight. But this case s something unique. What could it be?

I’m anxious for answers.

All excellent observations! Will we get some answers? Hmmm…

Plus two more things I see that are of concern:

Obviously, the fire dragons may not take kindly to a tiger carrying one of their own. So there may be some misunderstanding or even hostility.

Then there is the matter of Shaleigh, the shifty fox who witnessed Kilani and Cinder’s intimacy. What part will she play in all this?

The pair are in the eye of the storm. Who will be struck first?

Zhirite poisoning?


I am curious … No matter Tiger or Dragon. Can you create the Deaf character? I have the name for her.
I hope Queen Oscura listens Kilani’s story before she determines her action towards Kilani. I understand Oscura is the “mother bear” to Lumina. She needs to thank Kilani for not kill her daughter. Whew! I hope Cinder is all right.

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