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Let the confrontation commence!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Kilani didn’t strike the final blow on Azure, her wounds from Shie led to natural bleedout, that Kilani actually tried to patch up to save her. When she couldn’t, Kilani gave her a proper burial to compensate.
Her sentencing isn’t going to make Azure proud, since she freely gave Chuki/Lumina’s egg to Kilani, seeing her actually care for her enemy. ( All within Calendar Mar/Apr 2003)
Must’ve known the plan to make her granddaughter into a bioweapon, and saw that Kilani would be a better mother than her egotistical adopted daughter. She’d be furious if she could see all this.

Looks like Oscura’s aim is to make a show out of Kilani’s punishment, she may be trying to emphasis the “savagery” of tigers perhaps to boost moral and get more dragons on her side.However she plans to go about it though (a trail? mind reading?) Its gona be quite the shock when she discovers how it really went down…

So Oscura plans on revenge for the one who slew Chiara and swiped Lumina’s egg. She honestly believes that Kilani is the guilty party here and wants to make as much of a display of it as possible.

Poor, poor Oscura. She isn’t aware that she has the wrong tiger. The one who took Chiara’s life is still on the loose and will likely kill again if not caught.

Kilani has a chance to prove her innocence here. She has two opportunities; One is the dragons who can read memories. The second is Blue, whom we saw Kilani speaking with in the last two pages. Both could be Kilani’s saviors if bias doesn’t cloud the court’s judgement. I’m still concerned though…

Last page we saw Shaleigh and her three tiger companions peeking into the room where Kilani, Blue, Lady Red, and Pyra were. She hesitated when she saw Blue and wanted to withdraw earning the ire of Kess and her fellow Tigers. Kess and co want blood and won’t stop until they’ve gotten it.

I just hope Shaleigh has managed to herd the Tigers away while cooling their thirst for combat or there will be fireworks.

It won’t save Kilani. This is an excuse to kill a tiger. The Queen will not accept her innocence. She is a tiger. She is there. It matters not. The only thing saving her would be Chuki/Lumina. And that would require putting herself in the Queen’s way.

I think you might be referring to Azure, the Dragon seen in the painting, whereas Lady Chiara is still alive and well, though a little banged up from her last Tiger encounter. Lady Chiara has been charged with making sure Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina stays clear of what’s about to happen between Kilani and Her Majesty Queen Oscura. As for Shaleigh, that vexing Vixen definitely has her hands full with her three new allies!

you know it would work if the tigers hurry up than when the tigers attack the city queen oscura gets extracted blue can secretly escort kilani to eone and planning on escaping the city with cinder 2nd in command and eone as leader of the dragon rebel freedom fighters they need to find a new home than don,t forget about sombrana and elektra and her group going to raid the city too and overthrow oscura and than become queen prorbrably I hope eone can take steal the earth water and fire dragon sires quikly get there eggs find the dragon males rescue gaias daughter and get out of the corrupted imperial city hmm I wonder what will happen if there are no earth dragons helping the city any more while eone secretly stashes them away up way up north what will elektra and sombrana do now without earth now if earth dragons cannot construct the city oh yeah they have to do this themselves I hope they will it is going to be alot of hard work

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