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First it was Tshila and now it’s Blue. Has Shaleigh just stumbled upon a major discovery? Voice your thoughts in the comments below!

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First Coneen calls the tigers “outsiders”, then Shaleigh knows Tshila, now she refuses to go after Kilani because she’s apparently Blue’s friend? Does this mean peaceful Draconia Lane is connected via her hub (and presumably other hubs of the conclave) to this not-so-civil war timeline? So many new questions!
At least by Shaleigh’s planning track record, Chiara should be safe. Might even be with Oscura by this point getting ready for the trial. And these four don’t want to mess with the queen and her council.

and besides shame on kess killing an innocent water dragon kess is crazy than oscura oh man Well i know which Side i chooses kilani side because kilani is being a beacon of light to the world

I’m a bit lost on why Shaleigh knows Blue, maybe the realms thing she’s talking about is where they have the Christmas pages? Or I just haven’t read the stuff from before this webcomic. Either way, the tigers are out for blood, out of the way, Shaleigh!

Ok, my guess from last page was wrong. I tried.

Anyway. I’m intrigued by Shaleigh’s reaction and realization that there is a friend among enemies. Blue is here, which immediately throws a wrench into her plans for Oscura’s humiliation. But, why is what I am asking.

And what does Shaleigh mean by “in this realm too?” Does Blue have an extradimensional counterpart somewhere that we aren’t aware of? If she does then what could be in store for the dragoness in the future?

As for Kess and Co… Just toss them into the river.

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