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Welcome back to the main story, though that little gift bag makes you wonder if we ever actually left it. What do you think is next for those Polaroids? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

It’s the first page of 2022, the Year of the Tiger, and we’re celebrating with a monthly series of tasty Tiger wallpaper, suitable for both computer screens and mobile devices! Patreon supporters at all levels get access, so pledge your support today and help keep The Draconia Chronicles going in 2022!

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So the twins of this reality will get the pictures… Here’s hoping we don’t get slammed with a diablous ex machina and it inspires them with the question if there’s another way other than “exterminate them all!”

Okay. A little gift bag for the twins beyond the veil. Nice.

As for Riah, she wants “an eye for an eye” against the blue dragon who cost her an eye. Anyone in her position would certainly agree with her, but Shie’s admission of guilt has just thrown a HUGE wrench into Riah’s revenge plans. What will be the Tiger’s reaction?

Interesting to see Shie unwilling to put Chiara through any unnecessary pain, though with her experience in the palace and actions in the Calera, she must have become sick of all the pain and misery caused by both species. Looks like she’ll go more into depth in the next page, looking forward to it!

Love the dangled crossover – self crossover? Internal AU mixing? But yeah if there are two worlds, why not more? Nothing says those polaroids will stay here – could be they end up in the hands of ANOTHER set of twins! Wouldnt it be wild if they get delivered to an alternate draconia lane, where species got swapped? i.e. the twins are dragons, etc.

If the photos stay in this world though and tigers here cannot read any of the good words that go along with the images, they might react to the pictured tigers wearing /clothes/ instead of simple wraps (“Tigers covered in other tiger pelts, and dragons there too? Are these captives???”) But maybe the resemblance will be enough to cause some discussion, depending on whose hands they end up in.

If the bag is actually delivered to the twins themselves along with the spoken message about wanting to be friends… then hopefully they can get people on their side before getting swatted down by their elders! Maybe since Mabel is in the picture, they’ll go to her?

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