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Will Lady Chiara‘s life be the price of Shie‘s atonement? Hmmm…

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Lady Chiara went easy on Riah. She didn’t have to stop at just the eye. Shie killed her mother, and taunted her about doing it.
Now, for being injured, Riah wants her sister to finish off the daughter like the mother, to end her line.
This kind of myopic immaturity is what’s keeping the war raging. Leading to more captures, tortures, and unnecessary death.
Then again, it’s the same mindset she’s always had, whatever leads to more dragons dying.(p143, 228)

Guess Shie needs to decide her loyalties. Riah’s shallow revenge she’ll get over, or a strive to make peace with Chiara, a step to peace for all.

And if Lady Chiara’s flashback (during the memory wipe on Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina) was any indication, it sounds like there might be some reciprocated regret. What do you think’ll happen if Shie and Lady Chiara’s paths cross?

Ouch! Dark is dark, desperately digging deeper into the depths of despair.

I can hope Riah is choosing to accept what Shie just offered more for the unity between them than out of genuine bloodlust, but oof – this is the mindset and history that keeps the war-machine turning.

Even if Kilani manages to convince Queen Oscura that peace can even be possible, interactions like this show that there’s a lot of bad blood on both sides of the ledger that will need to be settled instead of everyone getting their desired pound of flesh.

Very potent depiction of the war world – almost feels wrong/sad to see it from our safe vantagepoint as readers.

Provocation, Loyalty, Possible Death?

Chiara’s fate is now in the hands one a tiger bound by oath to claim the life of a dragon she herself egged into injuring her sister. Does Shie even mean to carry out her vow?

I’m sincerely hoping she doesn’t even if a future meeting between Shie and Lady Chiara is in the cards. As for Riah, I’m seeing that bloodlust is still boiling within her and will lead to more misery and malice if not stopped.

Here’s to hoping that Lady Chiara and Shie, when they cross paths will be able to settle this in a civilized fashion not letting past traumas govern their hearts and minds.

P.S. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Chiara one of the dragons with Kilani in the past pages.

I hope I don’t have Riah and Shie confused.

Great assessment, and you’ve got the right Tigers. Shie’s the big burnt one and Riah’s the smaller one with the missing eye. As for the Dragons, you might be thinking of Blue (blue skin, red hair) who was escorting Kilani to her meeting with Her Majesty Queen Oscura. Earlier, Her Majesty dispatched Lady Chiara to ensure the safety of Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina while the meeting between Kilani and the Queen takes place. Good job paying attention! ^__^

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