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Is Pyra going to pounce on Cinder‘s surprise disclosure? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Wow right in the middle of an emergency with the queen and princess in danger eh? Pyra might have just screwed herself because Red was going to quietly replace Cinder to not make a scandal out of it. Now Pyra’s overconfidence might have just cause Red the trouble she was trying to avoid. Plus until she’s relived of her position Cinder is still a captain to be pissed off. The young gun just managed to step on both Red and Cinder’s tails at the same time, yikes. Or I’m reading too much into this, if so, sorry RazorFox.

It’s all good, though Cinder identified her affliction of her own accord. If Cinder was trying to keep it a secret, she just outed herself. Do you think that might’ve just opened the door for Pyra’s promotion?

That is a good point. Red probably won’t be able to keep it quiet now that Cinder admitted it, so the only option left might be to make an “example” out of Cinder to save face. Assuming Pyra and Cinder survive the night’s festivities, Cinder’s likely to enter a cell or exile.

Maybe a buddy adventure with her new striped friend? Assuming both get through the next few hours.

On a side note, Cinder doesn’t seem to realize how dim a view Red would take of one of her own catching “Stripes”.

Looks like Pyra’s trying to take advantage of her and Red’s underhanded sabotage plans. Shouldn’t be too smug yet though. Cinder is still her superior, and can fire her for any number of reasons.

Furthermore, how can they prove it is the Stripes? How often do those sorts of relations happen that it’s documented that it has to be specifically intimate contact, rather than simply close contact?
Cinder can claim the latter, which happened when Kilani shielded her, and everyone saw that happen.

Interesting speculation, though didn’t Doctor Kasai make the remark about how, and I’m paraphrasing here, “We don’t kiss Tigers, we kill them?”

True, but that could also be towing the royal propaganda line that all tigers are inherently evil for a list of arbitrary reasons. This case being they make dragons ill.
In reality, she could’ve just come down with something, and that tryst with Kilani is circumstantial.
As it is with propaganda, the real truth of things can be hard to reach if everyone else blindly believes the lie.

Guards! Assemble!!!

With the guards gathering for a tiger hunt two casualties step up to join. Kighan and Cinder are up for a patrol to pounce on some striped suspects. Which makes me worry about one tigress currently wandering the halls. Kess has come from the dungeon in search of her sister with helpful directions from a former priestess. Kess and the Guards could be on a collision course.

Meanwhile, I don’t like Pyra’s smile. Cinder probably just ended her career with those words. Her admission just gave Pyra and the other permission to plot against their captain. This isn’t good.

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