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Has Kess just found another way to make the climb? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Looks like Kess may have suppressed abandonment issues. A remnant of a past traumatic experience perhaps?

Also, looks like there’s floors 1-4, V, A, and B. Going to guess V is the ground floor, for visitors, whereas 1-4 are for staff, royalty, dignitaries, and other politicians. A and B I’m guessing are the prison cellblocks.
If I’m correct so far, going to make another speculation that this is the Lightning tower, one of the two remaining. The other being Water. Where medical probably is.
As the former palace guard, before the fire dragons usurped the role, it would make sense that the lightning dragons would have the prisons in their tower. Ease of access and all that.
But, it’s all a guess, could be way off the mark.

Good job identifying the glyphs! I was imagining V for “vestibule,” A for “atrium,” and then B for the first of several basement levels within which the cells are located. The towers simply contain these shafts with the actual inhabitable space running between them. Two levels are fully visible past the top of the mountain facade with the rest of the palace being housed within. As for which tower this is, I didn’t give it much thought but it’s probably one of the two that are still intact. Nice sleuthing, though! ^__^

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