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Did Shaleigh find the right bargaining chip to make Blue crack? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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The delicate art of a politely heavy handed interrogation.

I’ve been wondering, how many Species inhabit this world? It seems the Tigers know of the Foxes, though to a degree that implies there’s very limited interaction, and even Kess made a passed over mention of knowing what the Rabbit Coneen is, but the Dragons know only of the Tigers. It would make a little sense the Tigers have knowledge of some other Races, being a nomadic/tribal people, moving around more often while Dragons stay pent up in their city.

Interesting conjecture, though a few Dragons have referenced Shaleigh, particularly after Shie and Riah infiltrated Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina’s bedroom with Lady Chiara inside. And we haven’t gotten a good look at Coneen yet. How sure are you about her species?

Shaleigh stops her crew from hurting Blue physically or anti-magically, and states she knows her and her family, but when a question isn’t answered she wants, she returns to threats. Quite the immediate turnaround.
Also, couldn’t Blue just run out the same door she entered from to escape further interrogation?

I wonder how much longer it will be until someone realizes that both sides are being played. Because if only a certain number of dragons know about other races and the tigers know about the other races then it wouldn’t be hard to trick them into fighting each other. And the other races might have beef with either the dragons or the tigers and are using one to either wipe out or distract the other.

That or they’re just sitting back and enjoying the show as two warring factions fight for their amusement! ^__^

Stupid idea that you can use for a parody strip is that the leaders are sitting down and basically say that the war isn’t going anywhere so they just decide to have a beauty pageant to decide who wins. Go heavy on the jokes.

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