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Is it lights out for everyone’s favorite Water Dragon? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Please danny spare blue show mercy She is sweet as gaia I love her she has children riah should have a cauntious How would mizu and fiera act if there mother was murdered it would have a severe a effect Like gaias daughter to oscura or she found out sombrana was behind the spying and ratted gaia out I still can,t believe elektra let that murder freed from her tiger zhrite cuffs sombrana murdered alot of innocent people both dragon and tiger what was that lighting dragon thinking.

Maybe the tigers should try it before they knock it. Kilani could vouch for the how smooth some of those scales are ;).

Shaleigh is probably going to need to take them the rest of the way. They’re one floor down, in a building without stairs. Unless they’re breaking through the floor, going to be difficult to ascend. As was Kess’ dilemma not too long ago.
Also, Riah’s attacking without thinking again. Last couple times, not only did she not kill her target, but they either overpowered her or survived. This time, should Blue focus for a second, a precision water jet can cut through titanium. Could probably do quite a number on the tigers or their weapons too.

Blue should have knocked first.

Again, Riah’s leaping before looking. Then again she is half blind so that is a given.

Blue could be of use here if she is able to defend then defuse providing an opportunity for the tigers to learn more of Kilani and her location. It could spare her from losing her head. Literally.

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