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Has the beast been unleashed? Stay tuned to see if Xhianil‘s release is a win for Lady Red!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Cinder can feel a chill running through her veins as Lady Red delivers the news that she had discovered the cause to her illness. Now with her roles reversed and her future in jeopardy can she rise from the ashes or will she burn out? Maybe the one who carried her can lend a furry hand in her time of need.

Meanwhile, with Code Orange coloring everyone’s concerns, it’s all hands on deck as the Guards scramble for help. This includes the battered Xhianil who was last seeing getting the lights kicked out of her by a furious Kess. Will redemption mean rematch and revenge for the little dragon or will her scrappy foe floor her again?

As for Lady Red, we are already aware of her scheme. Will it succeed and bring her the heights she craves or be the beginning of a long fall from grace?

You might say Lady Red’s got some redemption issues of her own.

wow the dragons rules are so communisum well i think xilanul is going to meet her friend fuegna in the after life or on the other hand maybe she will wake up and forgive that true the other redemption that lady red told her is a lie which red want,s power like all the court does I know sombrana and her commander will come and storm too not to mention the tigers with scyde and her kind out for blood they are going too need tens of thousands of tigers to invade the dragon city there might be other tiger tribes the count down to battle has started

Looks like Red the Oracle gets what she predicts, as per usual. Pyra, meanwhile, is looking smug as ever.

Everything Red knows isn’t firsthand knowledge, due to not being a doctor, nor much of anything by Saph’s discovery, and is either from
A) A translation from a water dragon she’s supposed to distrust completely, by her superiors and her own admission.
or B) Her nation’s sworn enemy, a tiger, and Oscura’s public enemy #1 for princess kidnapping.
And yet, she believes both are telling the truth, because reasons, and taking it all out on Cinder.

Her “lucky” streak has been running for a bit too long. About time for her and those that cling to her to have a steep downturn.

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