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So sayeth Her Majesty.

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And everything is turned on its head in an instant. But, she KNOWS THE TRUTH about the tigers and dragons’ ‘war’ now. If she ever breaths a word of it, assuming anyone alive beliefs her, it’ll shatter the status quo the queen has work so hard to sustain to keep the dragons from murdering each other in racist hatred.

I’m not buying this, it makes no sense taking so much risk and risking so many lives just to thank some one on the other side of the war?

They want something from her…

And if I was a betting man Id bet it has something to do with wiping out Lumina memories of her completely.

As she is now, Lumina may not remember Kilani but its clear Kilani’s teaching have effected her personality, mainly she doesn’t share any ruthlessness towards tigers, pretty counter intuitive for Oscura’s goals at least.

While great that Oscura is coming around to thanking her for taking care of the princess, she’s not doing Kilani any favors by repeatedly calling her “The Monster” to everyone she knows.
Furthermore, this scenario can go well, or badly. Kilani could be thanked, let go, and/or other accolades, or Schaddig steps in with the Law and vetoes the decision somehow.

Interesting. This doesn’t quite feel like it connects with what Queen Oscura was starting to say before Kilani said that she was given the egg, though it’s clearly true the special treatment was ordered.

Lady Shaddig clearly believes/intends Queen Oscura will end this meeting with Kilani’s death. I’d like to believe priorities have shifted because of their discussion, but this is presented as though it were Queen Oscura’s original intention.

So I have three theories about what this ‘thanking’ entails – some combination of these:
1. Giving dragons a freshly common enemy by becoming the ‘Monster’ – and it may require some public action or admission from Kilani to cement that story.
2. Giving Lumina reason to continue hating Tigers and perpetuating the war (she’ll be surrounded by stories of how horrible her captivity must have been)
3. Keeping Lumina away from the dragons’ power struggle – possibly during a critical period

Ooh, the plot thickens even further! But I doubt all this trouble was made just to thank Kilani, I’m bettin’ on Oscura wanting something else of Kilani, or to give her something else. Man every page just makes me more excited for the next one!

She’s thanking her? This completely contradicts their earlier conversation back on page 517-518 where she accused Kilani of kidnapping her daughter and murdering her mother. She even called her a liar when Kilani tried to say otherwise. Either Oscura is pulling an inept con or the continuity is screwed.

From Death Sentence to Indebted. That’s quite the whiplash there.

Oscura reveals her true(?) intentions to Kilani with a slight hiccup in the middle and admits her astonishment when her beloved daughter returns not as either as a dispirited, depressed dragoness or as a corpse in a coffin. She returns a lively, enlightened lady who has seen her people’s enemies firsthand and learned to love them.

A search of her memories all lead to the tigress seated before the court and now the queen wishes to express her gratitude to the one who had taken such good care of the girl during her captivity much to Kilani’s amazement.

Still one cannot help but think that besides the thanks Oscura has something else to say to her guest. Kilani may now have a new opportunity offered to her in honor of her selfless, loving deed towards a member of a race bent on the Tigers extermination. What could it be?

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