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That’s gratitude for ya! Will Kilani reconsider Her Majesty’s offer? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Oh! NO?!?!? Oh yes.

Me thinks Kilani has spoken too soon and too hastily, Oscura is giving her a free “Save a life, spare your life.” card. And the gentle tigress is blowing away the offer before she takes a step out of the door.

Her decision shocks everyone while Oscura’s tone has taken a more ominous turn. Will Kilani offer an explanation for her outburst or will heads be rolling?

There’s more to this than just dragons, and more tigers than just Kilani. Being spared now, there’s no life for her to go back to among the Tigers – as far as she knows at least! – because she has internalized that everyone thinks of her as a traitor. I’m not even sure Queen Oscura realizes this part of the problem, or considers Kilani’s standing among other tigers at all.

Kilani was fully intent on martyring herself with the hope that her death would somehow ‘stop the fighting’. Even now that she’s learned that the Dragons need this war to keep from falling apart, I dont think it has changed Kilani’s own plan of dying here to secure some kind of mercy/peace for other tigers.

All of this aside, I fear we’re about to see Queen Oscura’s pride back in play – I doubt she is often told ‘no’ by anyone. Politeness could be about to fall to the side.

Best I think we can hope for is that Kilani is able to explain her ‘no’ before Queen Oscura snaps back or Laddy Shaddig silences her – that she’s a dead tiger and traitor already, that the fighting has to stop – and that Queen Oscura would reiterate that peace isn’t an option for the sake of dragon society. Would be a GREAT time for certain photographs to pop up showing both tiger and different-element dragons happily living together, but a certain fox isnt exactly trusted either…

Theorizing a couple of analyses here. Hoping far more the former than the latter. Even if I’m way off, really any explanation is better than the latter.

One, is that her exclamation of No isn’t so much of a refusal as it is a denial, like Schaddig’s about to attack Oscura for her mercy ruling, and Kilani shouts and springs into action to defend her in a further bonding moment. Or, Two, Riah’s level of stubbornness has affected Kilani and she’s returned to trying to commit suicide by dragon as a personal goal.

Whatever happens, only saying that she’s come too far to just give up at the last and best outcome she’ll probably get. Doesn’t make sense.

You think Lady Schaddig would pull a move like that?

If there’s a byline in the overarching Law that declares when a Queen is unfit to rule, she’ll carry it out. Which could very well be showing mercy to a tiger.
Also, she believes it’s just the three of them, unaware of the four watching. If she does succeed in whatever plan she has, she can blame Kilani should the guards arrive.
If this does happen, hopefully the four can prevent the assassination of Oscura, protect Kilani, and maybe earn Riah her dragon kill she’s been craving in the process of both.

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