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And down goes Shaleigh! How will Kess and company carry on? And where did she just send the mysterious Fox? Be sure to share your guesses in the comments below!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Kess really needs to get that reflex under control. It’s at what, 0-5 now ?

At least Shie is being a voice of reason here, holding back Kess from being herself and rushing in and scolding Riah in the process for doing just that and failing several times.
Unfortunately, Shaleigh was unaware of Kess’ right hook trigger and gets her hood knocked off, and likely about to fall out of her own hub. Which can’t be good for those inside.

YAS!! This is a good page, I love it. We even get Kess’ famous right hook!

Hood is OFF!! Lol, let’s see where Shaleigh ends up :3 It’d be mighty convenient plot-wise for her to land near the battalion and see what’s comin’.

But so far it’s been the exact opposite so I’m gonna say something extremely inconvenient will happen instead xD

you know as much as I agree with riah for killing to get revenge of what she has nastily ugly treated people in my heart I should forgive her and let it go riah should do the same thing to and apologies to chiara later on I hope queen oscura would wake up one day and regretfully redeemed and has a heart one day

Better question – will this shadow walking area hold up without Shaleigh there to maintain it? Could be that EVERYONE is about to be ejected in a graceless heap!
Alternately, we’ve seen that the vixen is not the only one with access to this space; someone else could see the tigers have ejected their chaperone!

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