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Will Kess succeed? Or will this be a dealbreaker for Her Majesty Queen Oscura? Share your thoughts below!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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next time ask shaleigh to get a lasso and put the front of the lasso with zhrite big metal zhrite rope around oscuras neck used shie strentgh to real
her in than keep the queen hostage. get kilani and vansih in the portal drob oscura give her a srcatch on her royal tattoo side as a reminder and leave and hope she learns a valuable lesson.

Kess is going in with a cooler head than usual. She’ll need it to defuse both her initial arrival and anything she might say to try and turn Kilani’s thoughts around. The moment definitely calls for her to move slowly, talk softly, and either hug Kilani or keep her hands open so that she’s clearly not a threat. Now whether it works out that way is anyone’s guess… it’s going to be asking quite a lot from Kess’ normally twitchy and reactive nature. Hopefully focusing on Kilani is enough to keep her in check.

For extra drama, Kess is also racing the competing news of her encounters with both Chiara and the dungeon cells, which paint her as FAR more violent. Can Kess steal a win here BEFORE other that news reaches the Queen and fouls the discussion? May depend on whether anyone feels brave/important enough to barge in on this closed-door meeting before the group exits naturally. Wouldn’t it be awkward for everyone here to SOMEHOW reach an accord, only to find armed guards reports of Kess threatening Lumina’s life when the doors open?

All good points, though you might be thinking of Riah and Shie. Those two infiltrated Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina’s bedroom and threatened Lady Chiara. During that time, however, Kess was blipped into a prison cell where she wailed on Xhianil, so Kess definitely has a strike against her. Think Kess can pull this off?

Oof that’s right, with all the portal hopping I’d misremembered who went where!

If Kess can manage to make her entrance peacefully I think she has a chance. Getting Kilani to accept the Queen’s original offer would be in a sense supporting Queen Oscura, which may make her see Kess’ intervention in a more positive light – everyone likes when others agree with you.

A single soul sends herself to save her sister, will she succeed?

Kess goes solo after Shie socks their only guide into oblivion.

The tigers take their whole reason for being her into consideration also taking into account the talk they had with a certain blue dragon. Going in unarmed is both sensible and suspect. Sensible in the fact that going in with no weapons should, in theory, be enough to convince an enemy you mean no harm. Suspect in the fact that said enemies are still suspicious of you even if you only plan on using words and not weapons. Kess is taking a great risk here hoping she can pull Kilani out of her stupor.

Speaking of which it seems Oscura is about to do the same. Maybe this could be a turning point.

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