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Will Xhianil finally avenge her fallen friend Flare? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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The suspense waiting for the next page and the further developments is going to do a number on my sanity.

I hope not to make you wait so long this time. Right after the last page got done, my computer crashed and I was down for a couple days awaiting repairs and putting everything back to how it was. Knock on wood, the turnaround for the next page, which is already being sketched, will be faster!

On one hand, Kess doesn’t deserve death. She’s confessed all she’s done, or been part of, and she didn’t actually do near anything but talk bad about Lumina. Which could be a crime itself.
On the other, she had a hand in Flare’s death, so having Xhianil do it does make sense in that regard, if she is going to be executed.
However, even if she’s persona non grata, hopefully Shaleigh can make it back in time to renegotiate the whole thing, with or without Shie and Riah getting involved.

Ouch double tap to the head. Well at least she won’t feel it so that’s something. Still the other two were the ones up for hurting the princess in the first place.

Looking down the barrel of finger gun. Not a good spot to be.

With Kess confession in the books Oscura defers on executing Kess for her deed. Kilani cries for her sister asking why. Kess explains that she had too much respect for Kilani and the the stand she took against others judgement. Kilani recieves much needed commendation for her conduct. Kess states that if she has to lose her life for her deeds, she is willing to do it.

Now, it seems Xhianil, whom Kess literally beat to the punch back in the dungeon, is ready for revenge. Will she pull the trigger or hold her fire?

I hope Kess fucks up Xhianil’s other eye. Moody bitch.

My wild guess is, given previous pages, this is at least partially meant to be Oscura’s gambit to get Shea and Riah to show up. I don’t think Kess is really gonna try to fight back here beyond some instinctive panic and struggling— she just said she’d give her life for Kilani and I genuinely don’t think she’s about to backtrack on that.

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