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Is it “mission accomplished” for Riah and Shie? Stay tuned…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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All of this wild fire makes me think back to the Eruption incident. The Fire Dragons, despite facing an erupting volcano, were nearly helpless as the lava wasn’t truly burning. They had to ask an Earth Dragon for help. Something that wasn’t on their to-do list. Nonetheless, they got the job done and saved the kingdom.

Oscura told Kilani about the divisions that exist between dragons because of the differing elemental powers they have.

If the Dragons ever bothered to TRY and seal the rift between them would that help them end their war with the Tigers?

Seems Shie and Riah figured out a battle plan. One that’s the planning equivalent to tiger clothing. Loose, yet functional.

A. One drops in, hopefully just disabling any opposition, and as a distraction.
However, it’s Pyra and Riah. No great loss, from whichever of them the ambiguous ‘Gyah’ came from. One’s out to kill anything with scales, including children, and the other is Red’s lackey in an attempted established hierarchy upheaval.

B. The other comes up from the floor, throws the sheet over Kess and Kilani, and pulls them back into hubspace.
Though, by making it double-wide, Shie might accidentally grab Xhianil into the net as well. Leading to further antics.

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