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A glimmer of hope after a fiery blast?

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Somehow, I think things just went well of course. Time to stop the testing before something else happens. Also, what is wrong with this Conclave?!

Ok, so they weren’t toasted after that fireball. Good.

Shaleigh’s scheme has blown up in her face. Not only has she sent the tension between both sides sky high she has unwittingly put a whole universe of creatures in peril. Now, Coneen and the Conclave are breathing down her back and are eager to bring her in. The sly fox is caught in her own trap.

Meanwhile, Kess now knows that good communication is key and asks for a translator to clear up some trouble.

Also, Riah what are we going to do with you?

Yay that everyone at ‘Ground Zero’ appears to be alive and somehow un-singed! Riah has even been disarmed courtesy of her scythe seeming to be stuck in that tree; maybe it’s how she either got out of the way or otherwise caught herself midair after the blast and Shie’s tackle interrupted her pounce. Also I love the symmetry of the two tigers and one dragon in their synchronized duck-and-cover pose, even with the detail of which tiger’s tail is under vs over their skirt.

I am unsurprised that Shaleigh sees any chaos as a win in her grudge against Queen Oscura, but Coneen is so overly fixated on this world being primitive and savage that she’s missing the huge steps being made right in front of her. Xhianil has Kilani acting as a living shield again (much to the former’s continued confusion), Shie is restraining the wild card in their midst, and Kess is actively looking to start peaceful conversation; maybe even apologize to Xhianil and stop the cycle of revenge killing. All counter to the idea that this world is purely ‘Barbaric’. Maybe Shaleigh can spin this change of heart as a GOOD thing so “The Council” will overlook the blatant mischief she had been provoking?

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