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His what?!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Something foul festers in the depths. And it’s not only the smell.

Oscura has fingers full of problems aplenty. While she did to speak to Kilani the is now concerned with her former ally turned sly foe, Shaleigh. The fox has info on everything she holds dear for which she could pay dearly for. While her hands are tied by a promise to a person of importance an important report arrives of the sewers erupting all through the empire.

As if a dastardly denizen of dimensions wasn’t trouble enough.

Poor Oscura.

So silly question… how long does an ‘explosion’ last? The inverted-droplet fire pillars we can see through the window are still very much present. How long would it take for the explosion to ‘burn itself out’, versus how long it would take to subsequently run to the queen afterward and report on it? I know a city’s worth of methane is a lot to burn through, but the power of the explosion is typically matched by its brevity – unless somehow dragon sewers can produce lingering fire bubbles? (I know, that’s a little silly).

I know it’s artistic license and intended to visually show the explosion happening to punctuate Queen Oscura becoming aware of what happened.

Practical story, maybe it caught some more solid sewage or structure elsewhere alight and that’s burning strongly after the initial boom.

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